Who is Cassius Clay?

In one sentence: A 19-year old Yale student who took a leave of absence from Yale in order to style Kanye West…that is after Kanye spotted him at Barney’s New York (where else?) looking fresh to death.

Full interview from Opening Ceremony is right hurrr: http://www.openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=2359

(photo also from openingceremony.com)

Very very fresh indeed…whether it’s his flawless complexion, Renaissance/Victorianesque take on prep, chiseled bone structure (damn, doesn’t he look like he belongs on a coin from the 17oos?!), or his name.

Cassius Clay for God’s sake…almost sounds like it came out of JK Rowling’s repertoire of names.

I think I want to name my children old Latin sounding names as well…that ring well with my surname of course…maybe then Willow Smith will approach them at Bergdorf’s to style for her


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