Brussel Sprouts Whopper

For those of you health nuts (as proclaimed by non-“health nuts”) like myself, would Burger King be able to convince you to grab a Whopper on the way home from the gym if it were infused with Brussel Sprouts?

(photo from NY Daily)

Brussel sprouts really? Are they getting subsidized by the British government or something?




2 thoughts on “Brussel Sprouts Whopper

  1. Seriously? How funny is this? I have to say that I wouldn’t grab a Whopper, even if BK was giving them away for free, along with a check for $100. Call me picky. 🙂

    Wonderful new blog Sara! Cute name too.

    Happy Belated New Years! I hope that 2011 is a wonderful one for you.

  2. This is absurd! I haven’t had BK since I was a little kid, even then I was never a fan! I’ll take the sprouts, no burger, please.

    Love the blog!

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