H&M’s Next Collaboration

H&M has been enormously successful at further revolutionizing the high end designer-mass retailer collaboration trend.
While Target may have triggered the boom with its continuing plethora of seasonal collections designed by international fashion superstars such as Luella, Behnaz Sarafpour, Paul & Joe, Alexander McQueen (God bless his soul), Proenza Schouler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen, and most recently William Rast (aka Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala); H&M has been the one to cause the most commotion.
Since Karl Lagerfeld designed an exclusive collection for H&M a few years back that sold out and ended up on ebay in a matter of minutes, fashionphiles have been keeping their Lanvin costume-jewelry adorned ears wide open for who and when they will be camping outside for next.
H&M is not only lightening-receptive to to fashion week launched trends, but is a trendsetter itself- especially in the more widely spanning affordable MASShion industry (yeah, I just created that term).
So what’s up next for Hennes & Mauritz? How about a collection designed by supafresh Swedish blogger, Elin Kling? I  have praised Swedish fashion before on this blog, and I will do so again (and no, not just because I have that 25% Viking gene). But, in my honest opinion, I would wipe out London from being considered one of the four major fashion capitals (the other three being Paris, Milan, and New York ma cheries) and replace it with no other than Stockholm.
Swedish fashion is clean and minimalistic, yet INSANELY fresh, modern, urban and subtly trendy. Swedish fashion is all about playful proportions and subtle hues and materials arranged to piece together the meaning of class. Swedish fashion to many frequently looks awkward on the hanger and is thus passed on except by those who know exactly how to use that tremendously oversize Filippa K tee or those ultra high waisted Acne Jeans.
I am in love with Elin Kling, and I seriously wish this collection was not only available in Sweden. You can view the collection and the newest URL of Elin’s blog here (or as we say in Sweden…här: http://www.elinkling.net/stylebykling/)
(all photos from Elin’s http://stylebykling.tv4.se/ …fashion porn for sure)
Who would YOU want H&M to collaborate with?
What has been your favourite celebrity/designer-mass retailer collaboration?
Swedish fashion opinions/experiences/thoughts?

6 thoughts on “H&M’s Next Collaboration

  1. H&m is my home! Thank god I live in germany where most of their stores are worldwide?!?! did you know? it’s their biggest market. yipee… so hopefully we’ll get all the beautiful clothes here too!
    I would love marc jabobs for H&m or chloe 🙂

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