When a deep breath isn’t enough…

…I wish I had a special park bench…

…or a secret little nook atop a cliff or a hill overlooking the sea or the city or a valley…

…or perhaps a special route I could drive that will loop me back to where I came from…

for those times when taking a deep breath just doesn’t do it. For when adrenaline is suffocating my joints and the back of my throat and I have to bite my tongue or squeeze my wrist to prevent myself from saying something rash.

What I’d give to be spending this very moment back in Sikkim:


4 thoughts on “When a deep breath isn’t enough…

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place. Sounds like things are a bit heavy right now…I hope that you’re able to unwind a bit and that you have a relaxing weekend, hang in there. ❤

  2. Sikkim is exactly where I need to be right now too Sara! I wish that I could visit – it looks like a gorgeous place.

    I hope that you get a chance to decompress this weekend…and if you need to vent feel free to reach out anytime. I am just an email away.

    Have a wonderful Saturday full of deep breaths!

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