Golden Globe Fashionistas

Normally, I only ever watch awards shows for two reasons: Couture and Rocks (and by rocks I mean of the Harry Winston sort)

However, this year I also watched to root for my two favourite movies of the year, Black Swan and Blue Valentine (if you have not seen this yet, it is absolutely SPECTACULAR…similar idea to Revolutionary Road from a couple of years back but even better IMO)

Anyhow- these were my very very favourite gowns of hier soir (in no particular order):

Eva Longoria looking absolutely stunning in Zac Posen (image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Selena Gomez looking cute as always in this fruity-hued Catherine Deane gown (image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

The ever-so-sultry Mila Kunis immaculately outfitted in Vera Wang (image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Leighton Meester, gorgeous and classy in Burberry Prorsum (Image via Examiner)

Catherine Zeta-Jones looking like a queen in Monique Lhuillier

Olivia Wilde glittering in Marchesa (image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Anne Hathaway, slim and regal in a backless Armani Prive (image via Harper’s Bazaar)

True chic, True Grit fourteen year old star Hailee Steinfeld in major up and coming Nepali superstar designer, Prabal Gurung (image via Harper’s Bazaar)

What were your favourite Golden Globes moments and styles?


4 thoughts on “Golden Globe Fashionistas

  1. I have never seen Gossip Girl but I must say that every single girl on their is classy and stunning. Leighton looks gorgeous! And did you hear that the other star of the show (can’t think of her name) is now the face of Chanel?

    I must admit I’m a bit jealous!!

    1. Blake Lively! Yessss I did a post on her not too long ago- I am definitely more than a bit jealous that she now gets to represent the classiest couturier of all time!

  2. I love the green look that some celebrities pulled off! Especially catherine zeta-jones. she looks stunning!!
    I am not sure yet about leighton meester’s look. I like it but at the same time she stays in the gosspi girl role with that look right?

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