Make this for your Date/Grandma/Roommate

Remember ze spaghetti squash, mes amis? (say that in a French accent please even though the dish I am about to present to you is more Italienne…)

Well, I finally decided to make that oversized banana phone into something absolutely delightfully scrumptious…

…Begin by poking the beezy with a fork in five different areas (just make sure not to get your fork stuck inside of it as I did…), then microwave for 12 minutes (rotating every three.)

Apres le micro…use the hugest butcher knife you have to chop the squash in half and promptly begin the deseeding process that will most likely take you around forty-seven minutes as your date/grandma/roommate stands at the kitchen counter flirting/lecturing/conversing with you (in my case it was conversing since it was my condo-mate/bestfriend (i needed to put a dash so it wouldn’t sound like condom mate)

Once finally finished deseeding use a fork to prod out all the spaghetti like strands and scoop onto the nearest available plate:

In our case it was a paper plate, but if I actually had a date I would probably use…a real one.

For the topping, I recommend an italienesque tomato sauce, in our case I used ze following:

-1/2 jar Trader Joe’s Arrabiatta sauce

-Lots of added oregano/basil/thyme/chili flakes/chili powder/black pepper

-1/2 oven roasted eggplant

-Italian turkey meatballs (or some sort of a protein-y substance of your choice)

-Fresh basil

-Fresh thyme

-Formaggio (I have now transitioned into Italian)…I used the Whole Foods blend of Parmigiano Reggiano/Fontina/Asiago because it’s AMAZING

Delicious…almost tastes like real pasta no joke- except with a million times the effort!

What is YOUR favourite way to eat spaghetti squash/squash en general? I’m thinking next time I might Greek-anize my spag squa with some feta/tomato/kalamata olives/herbs etc?


3 thoughts on “Make this for your Date/Grandma/Roommate

  1. Condomate? I need one of those.. haha. Kidding.. maybe.

    I’ve only had spaghetti squash once but it was in some sort of mexican inspired dish. It was fabulous although I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called.

  2. I just read this recipe post, I intend to try that while squashes are still in season (luckily they hold for a long while).

    Have you ever tried to make French Onion Soup? Of course, that’s not the type of soup you want to eat or serve on a first date, so when you bring a guy home avoid it. But in the meantime, I would most definitely say go for it. I’m just getting back into cooking after a long hiatus, and decided last weekend to take on this recipe. It takes time, care, love, and effort. You must respect the onions.

    The most important part is caramelizing the onions. For me, it took over 40 minutes on low heat to do so. But it was so worth it once I combined what started out as a huge bowl of chopped onions with the vinegar, water, salt, and thyme. The soup took on a dark brown color, which I was so proud to achieve without using any pre-prepared broth (which I feel is cheating). What I had in front of me in the end was pure onion soup, the essence of onions. And their essence is naturally sweet and delicious. Let me know if you’ve had experience with onions as a main feature of a course. -Sean

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