Le Whaf…

I am most certainly forlorn if this is the future of food:

Photo Credit (from DailyMail site): Photographer Manchester Paul Cooper http://www.cooperphotos.co.uk

Looks like a meth lab, huh? It’s apparently the newest food/dieter trend as created by a crazy Frenchman who subsists on baguettes and yoghurts for lunch every day.

Apparently this device does something that turns your food or booze into an inhalant so instead of EATING it, you take a deep breath and whiff it and it only costs something like one calorie per whiff (or omg only 200 calories in ten minutes.)

I think I’ll stick to portion control so long as I can actually chew and enjoy a beautifully plated meal.

As for the booze part…hmmmm….

Thoughts, mes amis?


2 thoughts on “Le Whaf…

  1. I think that’s a horrible idea. That wacky scientist can take his creation and go whiff whaff alone. I like my food. 🙂

    The booze part is definitely intriguing though.. could we get drunk for 20 calories? If so, I’m all for that.

  2. Sara – I love the pictures, writing, and in essence the journalism re food. I was searching the web for food blogs and this one came up. Then I realized you go to L&C too (I’m in the LS at LC), so I had to post this.

    Because of certain medical issues I’m dealing with, I tend to view food in an analytical way, in a cold way. That is, to me pasta is an S-load of carbs ready to release into the blood near-instant glucose upon digestion, covered with a sinister blend of fat (cheese) that will actually delay digestion of the carbs from the noodles, quietly pushing the process out until one is most likely sound asleep, and then flooding the helpless body full of sugars/glucose, shocking the pancreas and overwhelming normal metabolic functions.

    The above paragraph is far from a romantic poem about food, as you can see, but that’s the point, that’s why I am looking for a food blog like yours. I’m hoping to find a new way to look at food, as something beautiful- even as art.

    Anyway, I’ll say goodbye before going into the philosophy of food on a blog. Hope all is going well for you at L&C, this school is a great learning environment waiting to be taken advantage of, I feel. Talk to you later. -S

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