And that’s why you should never buy shorts for $7.50

What up what uppppp

First thing my homeskillets- I just realised upon watching my video that there was some minor firetruck-up and as a result my voice doesn’t match with my mouth moving…so it looks like I’m being dubbed over. On a side note I had no idea that my voice sounded so…smoky. Or dry.

Anyhow…this is a pretty pointless post and is only in existence because I am la bored in the library (which is severely lacking in hot guys today (which is good…await my rationalisation) awaiting a friend to finish a class so we can go meet another friend.

So here’s the point. I am beyond the valley of mortification. I am wearing these shorts from Forever 21 that cost $7.50 and I am only wearing them because I was in a humongous rush getting dressed this morning and getting out of the house so as a result I forgot to do the ‘from the back’ once over (you know, when I take out my Chanel compact mirror and look at how I look from the back with another mirror to my back). And sooooo….I was walking…strutting…you know how I do and I walked past someone I might sort of fancy (and let me note that there was close to no one else in the vicinity)…and then I proceeded to go into the women’s locker rooms and check myself out and discovered how AWFUL these shorts look! I mean TERRIBLE.
Like ass flattening slash completely unshaping slash maybe slightly too short for how unflattering they are and I am MORTIFIED. I mean if I saw a girl wearing them and walking I’d probably wince or mince or cringe and feel embarrassed for her.
Oh snappppp.
this always happens. I always run into my top-tenners on my “off-fashion” days and not when I am actually a mon avis looking you know…kind of hot. Y’all know what I’m sayin’.
When I get home tonight I am chucking these beezies into the bin
That is why you should never buy shorts for $7.50…or almost anything from the size-less super-horrid knock off retailer, Forever 21.

Forgive the rant. Just giving the blog some variety.

Much love and hope you’re all having a tremendous thursday.



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