Video Post #2- H&M cocktail party aftermath

Happy Wednesday mes cheris…forgive the awful still image, I couldn’t figure out how to change it naturally…


5 thoughts on “Video Post #2- H&M cocktail party aftermath

  1. hahaha oh Sara, the fundamental difference between me and you is that you would rather shop than drink and I’m the exact opposite…though I still do enjoy H&M immensely. let’s go soon! even if not, we need to hang out. I’ll have lots of “field work” (read: eating in wonderful restaurants) to do soon, so maybe you can accompany me.

    1. OhmyGod i dieeee…I would be more than thrilled to accompany you for ALL YOUR fieldwork in the name of research biensur. PS…I only prefer to shop rather than drink in circumstances in which I am not the driver…my best case scenario would be doing both simultaneously of course 😉

  2. My brother gave me a $100 gift card to H&M for Christmas and I have yet to use any of it! But I’m thinking I am gonna be able to rack up with that whopper!

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