Stylephile: Car-Mats

What up my people? Thanks for all your kind comments on my 2nd Vlog (how do you even say that?!)- I finally figured out how to get my voice to match to my face so I don’t look like some spastic dubbed closetphile.

ANYHOW, I’m thinking of starting a new feature on my blog which I would like to unoriginally name “Stylephile,” which basically does a tidbit post on someone who’s sense of style and charisma I dearly admire.

This idea was of course inspired by my former friendcrush (and now actual friend), Car-Mats (her first name is Carley but due to privacy reasons I have omitted the remaining 5/9 of her surname). When I say friend-crush, what I mean is that Car-Mats sat behind me in Econ 100 last year as I online shoe-shopped, ate bananas, and obsessively hit refresh to see the changes in price on my JP Morgan Chase stocks. However, despite this Car-Mats and I had never spoken nor knew each other formally though I secretly thought she was the coolest little eyebrow-pierced human at this school (or even the entire universe.)

I later found out and became verrrry verrry flattered to learn that Car-Mats also had a friend-crush on me, and now we are very much friends as we eat vegetables together and make jokes about gnomes.

I present to you:

Name: Car(ley) Mats*****

Age: 19

Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois (suuuper exciting)

Favourite outfit as a child: My bejeweled, purple Jasmine sweatshirt, leggings and some white sneaks.

Signature style touches: ACCESSORIES! More specifically watches…two of them.

Style idol: Rihanna

I feel naked without…My rings and watches

Favourite designers: Chanel and Alexander McQueen

If you had $1,000 to spend on any accessories right at this moment, you would buy: A ridiculous pair of platform stilettos to add height to my vertically challenged physique.

Ultimate faux pas: Overalls…I am uncomfortable being in the vicinity of any overall clad specimen, not to mention, anyone who tries ends up looking like a hot denim mess. So unless your a farmer, take that shit off

Trend that should be damned: faded 90s plaid

Perfect sandwich: A panini with turkey, avocado, mozzarella and basil…yummmm

So ferocious- do note the two watches on the wrist and absolutely effortless yet ridiculously styling layering/pattern mixing.

I die (in the words of Rachel Zoe.)

Who’s your style inspiration?


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