Kevork Kiledjian

So I am in my Intro to World Music class doused in YSL Parisienne, lips stained with Chanel Rouge attempting some element of style on this dreary, rainy day (I am ANYTHING but a fan of the days I have to succumb to wearing my Coach wellies and A&F eskimo rain jacket as opposed to on of my oversized blazers or fur shrugs!). I am running on five hours of sleep and indulging on Moonstruck strawberry dark chocolate truffles en classe while catching up on fashion week coverage on my savior, La Macbook.

Now admittedly, never have I  ever heard of designer, Kevork Kiledjian and from what it appears to me this is his runway debut and upon beginning to flip through the slides I fall in love, rich risqué love. I suppose I forgot to mention in my earlier post this morning my love of leather in couture…something which Kiledjian utilizes quite sexily and beautifully in this incredible collection…

Such fierce, seductive takes on the LBD (little black dress), and I am also loving the richly hued fur in the above look.

Who’s your favourite fashion week newcomer?

xoxo (en chanel rouge)


2 thoughts on “Kevork Kiledjian

  1. LOVE all those LBDs…sexy mamas! My favorite newcomers are the sisters from Porter Grey. The lookbook on their website for the Spring/Summer collection is adorable!

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