21 candles for the girl next door…

…and when I say next door I mean on the other side of the kitchen from me…

Yesterday was Rima aka one of my best friends/sole condo-mate’s 21st birthday and so Naz, Yurop, our friend Neha, and I prepared to surprise her at midnight…

…which was a fail considering Rima was ASLEEP when I got home and I had to awkwardly wake her up to be surprised- but among other things Naz and I definitely succeeded at gifts this year:

Uh…yeah Rima spends her mornings before work on the couch munching on burnt toast and watching Hannah Montana

Oh, and I won’t be posting a picture of the cake Naz and I made as it has severe potential to lower our future wifey potential.

BUT among other things, Rima’s parents sent her a package of Chocoshrooms:

Or Chocorooms not Chocoshrooms, my badddd.

Once we went to bed and woke up to another terrible Tuesday, Rima went to work and I drove to school…

Then that evening we had a dinner at the EPIC FOOD NETWORK FEATURED, Pok Pok, which is basically a not-your-typical Thai street food eatery in Southeast Portland.

Most gasmic chicken wings of my life (rated the best by Food & Wine Magazine)…spicy thai-fish-saucey and perfect

Forest mushroom salad. Mushrooms have been a consistent theme in my life as of late…(I had a dream the other night that Rima and I turned into mushrooms)

Little baskets of STICKY RICE

Prawns with some super delish spicy sauce

Game hen…I swear it was so good that I could spend the rest of my life eating nothing but game hens

Bomb.com red curry chicken soup with noodles and some awesome condiments to mix in (pickled something, spicy chilis, lime wedge, cilantro, onion)

Rima showing off the tumeric catfish avec noodles, dill, cilantro, lime, and PEANUTS

Oh and that’s Clare and Car Mats of course- who’s incredible radio show I am currently listening to (while also sitting in my bathrobe watching “I Used to be Fat”)…you should tune into it if you’re ever by yourself in your bathrobe at 7-9pm on a Wednesday (KLC Radio)

Pok Pok & Whiskey Soda Lounge on Urbanspoon

Rima proceeded to have a fabulously forgettable birthday and the celebrations shall continue onto this weekend when NAZ turns 21 herself…


2 thoughts on “21 candles for the girl next door…

  1. oh my god this makes one hungry just looking at it!
    I spotted the H&m gift card 😉 a true fashionist always has eyes for things like that

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