Milan Fashion Week:

Why I adore adore adore Because the Prada show JUST HAPPENED and they already have the pics up…therefore in honour of MFW I am spending my snowy Oregonian morning in bed with an espresso, biscotti, and of course wearing D&G pyjamas:

Favourite looks of Prada:


I love the monochromatic simplicity of MaxMara’s collections, you can view the entirety of the Fall RTW 2011, here:


Tres classy, Karl Lagerfeld & Silvia Venturini Fendi


I’ve had a career crush on Frida Giannini for a while now- the woman is classy, gorgeous, incredibly talented, and has an ultrasexy last name to boot.

As always all images are from


2 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week:

  1. I think MaxMara is totally underrated – I love their stuff. So clean and simply…SO expensive too. It’ll be a while before I can actually buy anything there!

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