Friend Hopping-Departure

Happy Saturday my little (and not so little) steamed shrimp dumplings,

Yesterday, Friday, was a day in which I like to call friend-hopping…and one which was punctuated by an array of Asian cuisine ranging from strip mall $5.95 bento box special to classy ‘top of a nice hotel’/small plate/dimmed lights/carry your best Louis V clutch quality.

What is friend hopping you ask? Well…exactly what it implies- hanging out with various friends throughout the course of the day in a variety of venues.

After dragging my exhausted yet stylish arse to school for a few International Affairs department events, I met up with Naz and Yurop for some strip mall sushi/bento box:

Chicken teriyaki bento box, $5.95…only ate about half the chicken since there was so much chicken fat (GROSSSSSS!!!!) and about 1 bite of salad…it was too drenched in some weird mayonnaisey dressing (and je deteste le mayo)

Angry Dragon Roll & some other roll with tuna/shrimp/asparagus…it was…alright.

Post-lunch, I headed back to campus for a lecture,  hung out with my friend, Clare while she straightened her hair and listened to Waka Flocka and then headed to the best grocery store in the universe, New Seasons Market, where they had the little Brown Cow greek yoghurts for only 79 CENTS!! (So naturally, I bought them all)

Headed home, saw the disaster that was my room, realized how strange it was for me to be home in the middle of the day, and promptly texted a bunch of friends to create plans…

…Within 15 minutes (i just had to refresh my chanel kohl and do another spritz of Parisienne), I got in the car and bounced to meet my homie, David at a coffeeshop where I had a chai and he had something sugary…apres, David had to go to dinner with all his China-lovin’ friends including Clare, so I instead headed over to Madoka’s house where she surprised me with dinner reservations at a classy place I have wanted to try for so long:

Departure PDX, a restaurant/bar/lounge at the top of the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. And there is nothing I love more than being classy and sharing a dining experience with someone so endearing to me so we headed downtown, stopped at H&M for a pre-dining quickshop, then took the lift to the top of the hotel.

First of all, I love Departure’s ambience! Windows all around overlooking the city of Portland, a trendy bar, super dimmed lighting, and a separate lounge area- perfect date atmosphere for sure!

Now…onto ze food…I apologise for the poor quality of these photographs, the lighting is really not ideal for food blogging, but I hope the captions shall make up for the images:

Spicy tuna sushi with some sweet and spicy sauce…definitely a step up from my lunchtime sushi (and totally can fit in my mouth without it even looking like I’m taking a large bite!)

Delightful chili prawns with hearts of palm, onions, and walnuts: So plump and juicy and flavourful

Skewered wagyu steak topped with wasabi: Absolutely delicious, and boy do I love my wasabi

Garlic fried rice topped with a fried egg: Amazing, there is nothing I love more (I know I always say that PS) than when the egg breaks and just smothers whatever it is encasing. Ahhhh. Having a bite of this is what made me glad I decided to not mingle with attractive males that evening.

The highlight: Miso marinated cod topped with edamame puree and citrus…this was absolutely HEAVENLY and the literal meaning of melt in your mouth- the texture was so soft and buttery that the cod would just wither apart when trying to capture it in the chopsticks. Exquisite, exquisite, exquisite. Plus edamame puree is so classy.

And since we were still hungry, we ordered the butter lettuce salad topped with dill, mango, and coconut- this was so tropical and delightful…almost like a dessert salad, and a perfect conclusion to an amazing meal

Departure on Urbanspoon

Post-din, my day of friend-hopping concluded with chilling on campus with a few of my other homies before calling it a night by way of a nice hot bubble bath and Harper’s Bazaar (since I have officially finished the textbook that is the March issue of Vogue)

How was your friday?


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