Italian Fashion: Always Whimsical yet Posh

After a surprisingly un-exhausting weekend, I still have elected to spend my sunday morning in bed with an espresso catching up on all the incredible slideshows I have missed in the past couple of days from Milan Fashion Week.

I have to say that New York and Paris are usually the fashion weeks exhibiting collections much more similar to my taste, however I have been more than pleasantly surprised with what the Italians have to showcase for Fall 2011. As usual, I used to select my favourite looks:



Dolce & Gabbana:

Signature fitted leopard print/lace-peekage. Tres sexy, j’adore.

Loving all the crazy Dolce prints this season whether it’s the musical notes or the crazy stars- very fun, yet somehow ultrachic

Moschino: Cheap & Chic (FAVOURITE!)

This collection blew my socks (or rather my lace pantyhose) off…so feminine and French-chic

Emilio Pucci:

Emporio Armani:

Favourite Italian Designer(s)?



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