Happy Hour Avec Hallie

Let me tell you about my friend, Hallie.

Hallie and I met approximately a year and a half ago as part of our India study abroad group;

This army dude REALLY wanted to be in a picture with Hallster and I at the Taj Mahal.

Hallie is an eloquently spoken and well-informed wine connoisseur/gastronome from Sonoma, California yet armed with an East Coast demeanor. She always has a cigarette in hand (or very close by), wears peacoats, citizens, and a pashmina and is refreshingly up to date and opinionated about anything from world affairs to local olive oil brands.

Hallie was also my partner in crime in India- we spent days in Delhi happy hour barhopping writing papers and field journaling our frustrations over peach bellinis and cosmopolitans.

Cafe Oz Happy Hour, Khan Market, New Delhi

Mojitos at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

We ventured out in every new town together in search of the nearest Barista Lavazza so we can actually get to caffeinate ourselves with something that WASN’T the soggy-cereal-tasting Nescafe or some overly sugared/milked down chai. We also made lists of which janky little hole in the walls had the most sumptious chicken tikka, which bakeries in Pondicherry produced the flakiest melt-in-your-mouth pains au chocolat, where in the Himalayas we could get the best chicken momo dumplings, and perhaps most importantly, where we could get internet access long enough without the power going out on us mid-blog entry.

Hallie and I bonded over several commonalities: Our love of the art and delight of gastronomy, addiction to French Press, fears of not having access to meat, Malthusianist views, obsession with Anthony Bourdain, tendencies to bitch the hell out of any beezy who dared stare/grope/harass us, and having no shame for taking rickshaws to shopping malls or buying Levi’s in Varanasi.

Today, I finally got to spend a brief two hours with Hallie…where else but at the Happy Hour at Metrovino, a delightful seasonally-menued restaurant located in the Pearl District.

For $1 we started off with a plate of fresh Ken’s Artisan Bread and a delicious dippage of grilled leeks in olive oil

For my main dish, I ordered this absolutely delightful plate of grilled broccolini with crispy poached egg, parmesan, anchovy-brown butter vinaigrette, and basil. It was INCREDIBLE and being the poached egg fiend I am, crispy poached egg was certainly a delicious twist.

Hallie ordered the roasted red beet salad with orange, avocado, pine nuts, and feta. It was exquisite, no joke.

Metrovino on Urbanspoon

I am beginning to think that posh happy hours should become a routine event, especially since Hallie gets to do her thesis on Portland food culture (therefore this is all in the name of research).

Beside the point, but since I honestly care and you already know my answer, how do you like your eggs?


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour Avec Hallie

  1. On a related note, I’d like to point out that the picture in the header of Sara’s blog is from one of our MANY trips to Barista in India described above. This particular one, I believe, occurred when we were writing our final papers in Delhi. You can tell because of the notebook on the right filled with my handwriting.

    1. Yes! I was waiting for you to say something about that- I love how the one word visible is “wealthy,”- I think we both know that these were the drafts for our “friend” papers 😉

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