Please Don’t Go…

I know how much you hate corny-ass-awwnessy bizznazz…but in all seriousness…when you’re gone:

Who else am I supposed to spend four hours on a Wednesday night recording rap videos with (and who else EVEN WOULD)?

Who else is going to BBM me “OTW,” so that I can leave the house?

Who else am I going to have massive pop culture/fashion week/life philosophies rants with?

Who else is going to give me advice that is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what everyone else says?

Who else is going to obsess with me about WordPress Site Stats?

Who else is going to flatter me by sending me cover letters to proofread/text messages to preview?

Who else is going to always tell me regardless of the circumstances, “Go for it man!”

Who else that’s a guy is gonna…even call me man.

You’re the brother I never had…please don’t go.




3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Go…

  1. How sweet is this? As someone who has a brother I can totally understand and appreciate your need for your stand-in brother to not go!!

    And you my friend are a knockout!

  2. saraa — i dont even know what to say man. didnt realize how much i m gonna miss all the things we did. man shyattt. this post got me crying man. for reals. i know i sound like a motherfuckin foool saying all this shit in public. couldnt care less. anyhow yeah, be good, go for it, whatever/whoever it may be ma. dont let the haters hate, dont let anything/anyone stop you, and yeah dont doubt your self everrrr. do your thanggg alwaysss. oh also, keep the blog going, and the acronyms too! haha major emo.

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