Forgotten Food: Stuff I ate recently with Yurop & Naz

Yurop is gone. On a Singapore Airlines flight to Seoul hopefully sitting next to the hot chick he was telling me about over Facebook chat whilst I was in computer science and he was eating “nasty chinese food from Fung Lum” at SFO…how disappointing considering Yurop “LOVES airport food.”

It’s weird. Super weird. I think I’ve become severely dehydrated from how many tear fests I have endured over the past few days…how awkward…and I absolutely DETEST crying, let alone while stuck at heavy traffic stoplights or whilst procrastinating in the library sans my chanel wayfarers while wearing my stila kohl on both my upper AND LOWER lash lines (which obviously trickled down to my lower cheeks). It’s alright though, it feels sort of dramatic and theatrical and nice…especially since the radio coincidentally started playing “Please don’t Go,” prior to our last embrace…then started playing, “Where’d you go?” after I was driving home post-embrace.

Damn, I wish my life were a movie…it would give me hope that there is some climactic moment all this craziness is building up to…

Enough of this emo biznazzzz…cuz if that fool doesn’t get his ass back here soon, Naz and I have decided to venture out to Nepal ourselves and see what K-town is all about.

ANYWAYS, I am procrastinating on life as always and found all these random ass food pics from the past couple of weeks from when Naz, Yurop, and I (and in a couple of cases Rima as well) have gone out…

Blue Olive

Blue Olive: Mezze Plate (Hummus, Babaghanouj, falafel, taboula, & tahini sauce)

Blue Olive: Chicken Kebab w/ Greek salad, potatoes, rice, & tzatziki

Blue Olive: Yurop’s shrimp kebab back when he had his very brief calorie-counting phase (ie…in the car driving back to school post lunch: “Hey you guys I need to update my food diary app…how many calories are in grilled shrimp?”)…this is also the week Yurop came to my house and cooked himself undercooked egg whites in an effort to be healthy. By the next week we were back to carne asadas and indian buffets of course…

Blue Olive: Nazu’s lamb shank…Naz loves shanks of lamb like no other.

Blue Olive on Urbanspoon

Veritable Quandary

Veritable Quandary: Delightful brunch with Nazu- blackened catfish, garlic spinach, and my favourite edible baby-related thing in the universe: POACHED EGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSS. so good.

Veritable Quandary: Nazu’s chilaquiles…this was too long ago for me to remember what exactly they consisted of…something Mexicany with eggs.

Veritable Quandary on Urbanspoon

Urban Farmer:

Urban Farmer: Nazu’s Birthdayyyyy brunch- my avocado eggs benedict so obviously

Urban Farmer: Yuyu’s english muffin encased cheeseburger and fries

Urban Farmer: Rima’s chicken sandwich with apricot jam, gruyere, & chilli aoili w/ pomme frites.

Urban Farmer: Naz’s fried chicken & waffles with hot sauce and truffle honey (this is SO something Naz would order…)

Urban Farmer on Urbanspoon

Abhiruchi North & South Indian Restaurant, Beaverton: Please note this place is in a bleak suburbia strip mall sandwiched between a sketchtastic irish pub, Big K K-Mart, and grocery outlet…

Papadums & Chutney

Idli & Sambar (we REALLY wanted South Indian food…)

Mysore Masala Dosa & Sambar

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Masala

Abhiruchi South North Indian on Urbanspoon

DANG’S, Lake Oswego (aka our favouriteeeee close to campus restaurant)

Chicken triangle thingies…I have no clue what makes these Thai but Naz & Rima are obsessed with these little bundles of…chicken.

Green curry w/ aubergine & chicken

Mango Prawns…SO GOOD…

we also got Pad Phet and Pad Thai but I was way too hungry that day to remember to photograph them when they came out so whatevssssss…

Dang's Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Salvador Molly’s, Hillsdale

The Last Meal together :/…PEANUTS is a good way to start it

Rima’s Djibouti platter w/ shrimp, injera, spinach, mashed sweet potato, and curry dahl soup

Yurop’s too spicy for him Jambalaya with cornbread which Naz ate…this photo was taken before i spilled a bunch of ice cubes in his plate

Jamaican Jerk Guinea Hen with mustard chutney sauce, spinach, coleslaw, and some black-eyed pea rice thingy…Naz got the same thing…we both have a massive love for guinea hens

Salvador Molly's on Urbanspoon

Hope you all had a happy monday…yes I know Mondays suck, but I’ve decided to change my attitude- think about it, Mondays are a fresh start to the week so if last week sucked guinea hen balls then you can make an effort to make this one…suck candy apples or something instead.


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