Sara’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself & Weekend Indulgences

True confession: I suck at taking care of myself.

I suppose that’s what I mean when I label myself as uncharacteristically low-maintenance- the fact that most of my routines are NOT centered around self-care and preservation but to make myself believe they are.

Case in point:

  • I don’t sleep enough, I don’t eat enough, I drink way too much black coffee,
  • I don’t own a hairbrush or a nail filer or that green face-masky shit…
  • I don’t know how to exfoliate or use a pumice stone or do my own nails (I credit that to the fact that I used to play guitar).
  • I’ve never had a facial or a massage or any sort of spa experience
  • I sometimes forget to wash my eyeliner off before going to bed
  • I have enough bruises/burns/cuts to look like a reincarnated voodoo doll
  • I’ve frozen off all the nerve endings in my thighs due to my refusal to wear pants 95% of the time since I find them unflattering
  • And I suffer from an over-analytical, overly cluttered, self-deprecating brain…

HOWEVER, I am making some changes…

Now now, I am no means an expert as you can see but as I like to do things as fully as possible, I have been making a few tweaks and rotations which have so far been working out quite well-

Alas (God I hate that word it somehow reminds me of people that play D&D),

Taking Care of Yourself the Sara Way:

1. Start EVERY morning off with a bubble bath: I wake up ridiculously early (but if you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than your usual you should be fine)- however my newest habit as of the last ten days has been beginning each day with this ritual and it is GLORIOUS. The way I do it: Hot water, LOADS of bubbles, and Pandora’s Mozart station. Optional Add-ons (depending on my mood/day of the week): Vogue/Harper’s Bazaar/W/The Financial Times: How to Spend It (on weekends only obviously)/Travel & Leisure/someotherluxuriousmagazine, Mimosa (again this only works on weekends), bath salts/bombs whatevs.

2. SmartWater: I know I know, you probably all think this is some overpriced fancy water…which it probably is…but really I don’t care because I love this stuff. First of all, it’s loaded with electrolytes and if you are like me and have issues with keeping your electrolytes in check, this is a Godsend (or just a really good placebo effect). Another reason why I love SmartWater- the bottle is chic and can match with almost any outfit (I am not actually that ridiculous anymore- in high school I used to drink Perrier when I wore green/Evian with pink or light blue, etc), oh and finally- if you chug a bottle of SW prior to bedtime after a night of cocktail indulgences, you will wake up looking and feeling like a ray of sunshine. True Life.

3. Silk Robes: If you don’t own a silk robe, you and your skin are seriously missing out in life. There is nothing I love more than getting out of the bathtub, toweling off, and then sauntering around in my silk robe as I fetch my coffee and catch up on the latest values of my stock shares.

4. QUALITY munching and sipping: Okay, at this point you probably all think I am the prime ministress snob of mankind, but in all truth I really am not- I swear…if there is anything I am a snob about it is food. If I am going to indulge on french fries (or pomme frites as I would prefer them to be referred to as), they better be perfectly crisped and fried in truffle oil- or if my caloric expenditure is going to go to chocolate cake, that chocolate better be Scharffen Berger and not some trans-fatty Hersheys or Betty Crocker 79 cent stuff. Yes I know my mentality about food is slightly effed up, but I can justify my consumption of these sorts of luxuries as long as they are made from pure, top-notch quality ingredients and not some corn-derived chemical made in a lab in Ohio and sold at Fred Meyer. As for drinks, don’t you dare ever order PBR at a posh lounge (Naz and I witnessed this happen at Bar Mingo last night and we were both so alarmed that we almost choked on our marinated mozzarella.) Ultimately, moderation is healthy. And always eat a good, balanced breakfast (mine is consistently: Kashi Honey Sunshine/Barbara’s Cinnamon Puffins cereal, 1 tsp ground flaxseed, 1 tsp cinnamon, lots of berries, lowfat kefir, 2 spoonfuls of Fage 2% Greek Yoghurt) aka plenty of protein, whole grains, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins.

5. Don’t do things you don’t want to do…REALLY: It’s so easy to fall into peer pressure even at this age; honestly I used to feel like a loser for those Saturday nights where I just wanted to sit in bed in my silk robe blogging and deep conditioning my ends (like now.) However, if you are not in the mood/do not feel physically 100%/it’s monsooning outside/no one you’re attracted to is going to be there/you have something early the next morning- do not force yourself, there will be many other weekends and you will feel a million times better the next day when you have to wake up to stand in line for Lanvin (as I did last semester) or in line for brunch at Screen Door (as I anticipate will happen tomorrow morning.)

That all being said, I have had an amazing weekend. Absolutely amazing, and I spent 92% of it with my one and only, Nazneen. It involved a total alcohol consumption of one glass of French Pinot Gris and a total of 20 hours of sleep (between two nights that is).

Starting on Friday:

A beautiful, crisp 58 degrees Fahrehnheit day…excuse the rather rubbishy lighting of the following photos…we lunched at Karam, a delicioussss Lebanese restaurant in downtown PDX:

Appetizer of French Fries at Naz’s request

My main course: Fatte w/ Dajaj (one of my favouriteeee Arabic dishes)- basically its a layered dish of baked bread, chickpeas, roasted aubergine, yoghurt, pine nuts, and chicken schawarma

Nazu’s dish: Lamb Schawarma Sandwich (again the lighting was absolutely horrid.)

Karam Lebanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


Nazu and I reconvened in the evening in pursuit of OUR idea of an amazing Friday night:

Put on some Burberry patent pumps,

Spray some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

And drive to the Alphabet District of Portland…

We hit up the lounge at Bar Mingo:

After chit-chatting and enjoying the exquisite atmosphere, we proceeded to food:

Artisan bread with sea salt and olive oil

Tender, buttery, sumptious tenderloin with an incredible demi-glace and sauteed spinach

Side of marinated Mozzarella

We leisurely (you better be pronouncing this as Leh-jur-lee and not LEE-JUR-LEE) noshed and dished and raved to one another about the incredible texture and flavour of the steak…

…and a couple of hours later as we were still sipping on the wine we decided to go for dessert:

I cannot even describe to you how amazing this dessert was: Two profiteroles filled with vanilla gelato and drenched in the most delicious espresso-infused dark chocolate fudge one can possibly imagine. Total mouthgasm…I miss going out for posh little desserts.

All in all, we had an incredible night with amazing food- and it goes without saying that we’ll be back at Bar Mingo.

Bar Mingo on Urbanspoon

Our weekend of fun continued on Saturday…

…beginning with a venture for truffle fries and burgers in the Pearl District at Little Big Burger:

These burgers are tiny, but incredibly satisfying: A 1/4 lb hockey puck of natural medium-cooked juicy deliciousness on a brioche bun with organic veggies, pickles, catsup, and mustard accompanied by perfectly crisp truffle oil-fried, lightly salted french fries. Total price of lunch: $6

Look at that charred patty…amazing. Next time: I’m going to get two of these and then split the fries since I’m much more of a meathead than a potato one…

Little Big Burger on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we intended to go to the Spa for my very first massage/facial…but they were all booked so instead we shall make it a weekday venture this coming school week…

So instead we had some retail therapy at BCBG MaxAzria and Saks and some un-pictured frozen yoghurt/more dishing and noshing.

An incredible weekend with an incredible friend, and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go end my Saturday night with a bubble bath and The Economist since I have to wake up early for an epic brunch date with Hallie.

What did you do this weekend?

How do you take care of yourself?


5 thoughts on “Sara’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself & Weekend Indulgences

  1. sounds like we would be the perfect match for little burger. While I do utterly adore a good burger, it’s the fries that really do it for me.

    so here’s the plan: we’ll each get one burger and one order of fries, you’ll eat half of my burger and I’ll eat half of your fries. match made in heaven.

    p.s. still so beautifully full from brunch

    1. Oh, it is SO a deal! I will happily nosh half of your burger in exchange for half of my truffled frites.
      And I as well am still in bed comatose from our glorious Screen Door Brunch!

  2. I am terrible at taking care of myself too…somehow things like getting facials or my nails done seem like a chore! But the older you get the more you realize these things are not optional anymore. Sigh…I’m learning this the hard way!

  3. A bubble bath sounds like it would be a great way to start of the morning. I’m horrible at treating myself to nice things, I usually by the cheapest version of everything and never treat my self to something nice, but that should change! That’s so great that your consciously trying to treat yourself better 🙂

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