Pencil Skirts

Today I wore a pencil skirt; much like I do around 65% of the time (the remaining 30% is comprised of 10% dresses, 8% shorts, 7% Trouve leggings, and 10% skinny 7’s/William Rasts/Hudsons.

The pencil skirt du jour is plum in hue and matches quite perfectly with the Lanvin scarf, Topshop chandelier earrings, and stila eye make-up I have paired it with.

What is the point of this post, you ponder?

Well well I am in a bit of a pencil skirt predicament (PSP if you will). As much as I adore these garments and how they flatter (I said flatter not flatten) my derrière, I have  a tad of a love-hate relationship with the pencil skirt.

For one thing (and please do provide your insight if you are gifted enough to do so)- pencil skirts SHIFT with every bloody movement…strutting up a set of stairs, walking down the hallway of the Sports Complex, and especially while trudging through the horrid Oregon rain while having your hands/shoulders full with your Juicy Couture laptop bag, Marc Jacobs sports bag, Marc by Marc clutch, Miss Sixty umbrella which has finally reached it’s expiry date, SmartWater, and essential cup of Stumptown.

This pencil skirt in particular might be particularly obnoxious due to the fact that it has become a bit big on me (and therefore shifts around more than usual) and is long enough to skim my kneecaps (thus the bunching), however I am left stumped how the other pencil-skirt-wearers do not appear to suffer from the same issues…

…therefore I am asking for your fashion advice as to how to remedy/lessen the bunching/shifting pencil skirt effect…

and now I will return to writing my thesis case study as I am in the library after all.

Bunches of love and there shall be an epic video post soon.

xx Sarita



2 thoughts on “Pencil Skirts

  1. ahhh I have the SAME problem! they shift so much =/

    Can’t wait for the epic vlog Sara 🙂

    Sara (haha i love that we have the same name)

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