Another week has escaped my grasp and here I am finding myself on my last spring break of college.

It’s been a strange week, a dazed inattentive one spent procrastinating/napping/and being thesisexually frustrated in the library, falling into slumber before 10pm, and perhaps best of all spending the evenings with Naz.

Sunday night, after an exhausting yet completely useless library sesh, we hit up Market of Choice to pick up some produce to bring some springshine to this dreary SAD-inducing weather and assemble a fresh salad supper:

We picked up this lush, perfectly ripened avocado

The rest of the insalata: herb spring greens mix, cherry tomatoes, LOADS of shiitake mushrooms, fresh thyme, red onions (which ended up being WAYYYY too strong and potentially scare-worthy in terms of attracting top-10-ers, and were therefore picked out of our respective plates), the avocado from prior photo, some free range chicken breast sauteed in garlic & ginger, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

Naz and Sara eat organic salads made with happy chickens…that they cook themselves. down to earth (literally though).


Surprisingly, I realized I have not featured on this blog the one restaurant which Naz and I eat at the most, Arabian Nights. Arabian Nights is a super authentic Arabic restaurant in a small seemingly insignificant strip mall in Lake Oswego next door to a Papa John’s and a dry cleaner (I think). It’s not fancy by any means, but certainly authentic, DELICIOUS, and always packed with Arab students craving some good old bokhari rice & chicken, Shish Tawouk, or legit Schawarma. There are two television screens set to Dandana TV showing all the newest promiscuous Lebanese/Egyptian/Syrian pop songs taking storm in the Arab world as the smell of fresh baked Khobez (fluffy pita bread) wafts around the room. In other words, it reminds me of Saudi…a lot, and is thus a sweet nostalgia five minutes from my front door. Naz and I usually go here AT LEAST once a week and sit for several hours over Mezze, lamb shanks, kebabs, and Arabic tea just dishing and relaxing.

And since I LOVE introducing friends to my favourite jaunts, Naz and I brought our Iraqi friend, Asraa to get a little taste of the home region:

We started off with the Mezze plate to get all our favourites: Taboula, Baba ghanouj, Hummus, Khobez, Falafel w/ tahina, and Wara ‘Einab (or Dolmas as most people refer to the stuffed grapeleaves as)

And since I’m the hugest chicken fiend of all mankind I got 2 side orders of Shish Tawouk (Lebanese marinated chicken skewers) as my main dish…oh yes and with the ESSENTIAL garlic sauce (sort of like an amazing garlic mayonnaise…the only thing close to mayo that I touch).

Nazu got the Lamb Shank (obviously) and Asraa also got Shish Tawouk…I didn’t want Asraa to think I’m crazy since she has not known me that long so I refrained from over-photographing…any other food bloggers feel a little strange for always documenting plates of food?

Eating at homey/family-run little strip mall establishments: very down to earth

Arabian Nights on Urbanspoon


  • Weight training
  • I skipped computer science (to do my thesis case study but instead fell asleep head first in the Mac Lab)
  • Fell asleep in the library AGAIN
  • Naz caught me on photo booth in the library (there are 17 other photos…no comment)
  • In my defence I was trying to wake up, and show how much I love SmartWater…
  • Then we went to the gym (where I drank said SmartWater), and you know…lifted and stuff…

Supper? SUBWAY of course! How does Sara like her foot-longs (or six inch in this case): LOTS OF MEAT (obvs…usually chicken breast), LOTS OF HEAT (Hot sauce, Spicy dijon, black pepper pepperoncinis, jalapenos), and all the necessary crunch (spinach, lettuce, cukes, red onion, tomatoes), and some kick (red wine vinegar & oregano). Subway din-dins: Down to earth.


…My first trip to the Spa…

Naz who is a complete Spa-afficionado has converted me…I honestly wish I can move into a spa and never leave! Oh the human touch is so nice, especially when firm and slathered in mango-ginger exfoliants and lotions. And as all of you know robes are my favourite garments ever, even the real huge unsexy types:

Oh yes and I love the spa even if facials leave you with a temporary case of tomato-face (please pronounce that as toe-mah-toe since that is how I say it)

No make-up nice and glowy…and yes je connais que this photo is way too close for comfort. Oh and my thumbs are double-jointed.

Post amazing spa rejuvenation experience Nazu and I had to do what we do best: Food and (classy) Bevs; alors we walked over to the nearby Sinju:

We started with an amazing, humongous cherry blossom sushi roll (which escaped my camera) but contained ahi tuna, salmon, crab salad, asparagus, avocado, honey mustard, and chilli sauce, and vairrrr little rice (as i like it)

and this was our main course:

Hahaaaa TOTALLY kidding- more like a palate cleanser…zis was our main course:

Combo platter of: Chicken Katsu, Chicken Teriyaki, Miso Salmon, and (wtf) melon and a maraschino cherry (we didn’t eat that…cuz that’s just weird).

Sinju on Urbanspoon

Ok, fine…I can’t justify cosmos, facials, massages, and platters of meat and sushi as down-to-earth…but whatevs, i did hit up a sports bar for St. Patty’s and I went make-up-less in flip flops and shorts and wore 99 cent green beads or whatever and was surrounded by people doing stuff like playing pool and ordering $4 long islands so if that’s not down-to-earth, I don’t know what is…

What did you all do for St. Patty’s?

Definition for down-to-earth?

Favourite fast-food joint (Subway counts, my friends)?


3 thoughts on “down-to-earthing-it

  1. You look so pretty! Nothing new there of course…

    I used to LOVE Subway until I got food poisoning and I haven’t been back in a decade at least. I still get tempted by their fresh baked bread though…I must admit!!

  2. mmm i could totally go for a spa session right now! i had a pedi on friday but i could reallly get in the mood for a massage 🙂

    down to earth to me is totally someone who just goes with the flow!

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