As some of you may know, I am a mere five weeks away from (hopefully) graduating college with a BA in International Affairs

As some of you also know I have a seventeen year old sister a mere nine weeks away from (probably graduating high school)

She’s even more bad ass than me.

And finally as some of you may also know, both my parents graduated from the same liberal arts college I am about to receive my degree from; in fact they actually met here as two international students (on a side note the chances of that happening to me in the next forty or so days is pretty slim to none at this point)

Where am I going with this?

My little sister, Nora is now officially a member of the (insert name of small liberal arts college) Class of 2015- aka four years from now (if all goes according to plan), every single member of my family will hold a BA from the same school.

Now, back in the day I always said I would NEVER go here, I was too familiar with it, Oregonian weather had a tendency to induce my self-diagnosed case of S.A.D., the only upscale boutique in the ENTIRE state was a dinky little Louis Vuitton (which doesn’t even SELL couture!), and the stereotypical demographic of the students at my school are quite the polar opposite of myself.

HOWEVER, when it came time to make a decision and I narrowed down my final options, this school ended up winning- winning for it’s outstanding overseas programme/International Affairs major (which at the time I had set my heart to)/proximity to home (close but far enough)…and yeah who the hell else knows why; and even though I despised the school initially and wanted nothing more than to transfer somewhere far, far, far away and way up on the ante of cosmopolitan-ness, I eventually found my niche (such a cliche word, apologies) and adapted.

Nora said the same thing, even more strongly than I had though; that she would NEVER end up here no matter what; absolutely never…and would you look at that. At least they have no sales tax so if there is a place in America to pick up a new Louis V credit card holder or a pair of Louboutins, it’s here (just don’t expect the rare gasmic stuff on the pages of Vogue)

Congratulations, little sis…you’ve got a big name to live up to, but I know you’ll make one of your own…obviously.

xx Sara


5 thoughts on “Nora

  1. Holy shit- I love your adorable family photos, reminds me of the bazillion photos of my little sister and me. Congrats Nora!

  2. Sara – great post. I forgot about your unofficial [small lib arts college name] blog over break. My friends and I at the law school will miss your creativity and food insights (my friends are mostly international students and I direct them to your blog when they ask me where the best places to eat are).

    How many weeks do we have left in the semester? It really is nearly summer, isn’t it? Do you have a summer internship or job lined up? Place to live, “philosophy” to live life by, and all that? If not it’s cool too. When I graduated from my undergrad school in CA I became a tobacco-plant tender (the plants were used by scientists to grow certain non-tobacco chemicals, enzymes, whatever would make money, long story).

    We still don’t even know each other but with such little time left, send me an email if you want some post-grad tips. Otherwise, this could be adieu, because I’ve been applying to summer jobs all over the country, from Idaho to Wash DC. Say hi! etruscantribe at yahoo.

    No matter what, keep up all the great work. You have an exciting life, almost like a TV show, that you’ve created for yourself. It’s great. People here will miss you whether you know them or not! And you have a cool family and group of friends eccentric enough to keep you content on your side as well.

  3. I know this post is like from April but oh my god that is so hillarious that each single family member is from the same school!

    It’s sad that I don’t spend the time to actually dress up…even though I read fashion blogs.

    To me, fashion is easier read about than done. I need to change that soon…

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