Where my Swag-at?…

…At Swagat of course (Poor joke, je sais, je sais)

Saturday morning/Friday night was the World Cup Cricket Final and if you’re an avid cricket follower (or in any way affiliated with India or Sri Lanka) you would know that India and Sri Lanka were competing for the cup.

Pre-match din at Swagat:

Chili Chicken Appetizer (the best of Indochine cuisine)

Garlic Naan…duhhhh wouldn’t do it any other way (unless Garlic Chicken Naan existed)

Aukeem’s Chicken Tikka Masala Thali

My sizzling platter of Tandoori Chicken Tikka Kebab (what else)…

There was also loads of Raita, Chicken Tikka Masala, Shrimp Vindaloo, and Tandoori Chicken but photographing food when you’re starving is just a hassle and a tease…

Apres le din, I returned to my casa and hit the sack and slept like a princess on benadryl…however Naz & Company pulled an all nighter watching the 2am-1oam Cricket Match and popping bottles of Moet- and yes in case you are from Mars (or just not South Asian), India DID win the match

Swagat Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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