Like a Ray of Sunshine

Congealingly (i know that isn’t a word) cheesy metaphor, je sais, je sais…but I suppose the most accurate and cliche simile appropriate to describe the sort of weekend that has just passed.

It all began on Thursday night with Yurop’s 22nd Birthday (and first day of work) (Yes, he indeed is back from Nepal after that dramatic, emotionally-wrecking goodbye we went through last month)…

We got our classy on at Martini Vault in the Pearl District and ordered some undocumented-due-to-extreme-hunger chicken skewers, tzatziki & Dolmas, and chicken pizzette


Friday was a rare breed of a day- one accentuated by sunshine, clear mountain visibility, and temperatures exceeding 55 degrees Fahrenheit…which only means one thing in my vocabulary: silky sundresses

Après a failed attempt at doing work in the library (turned more into a social rotation of whichever of my friends happened to walk by), Nazu and I headed down to the Alphabet District for a late lunch at Serratto and absolutely essential manicure pedicure to compliment the nude patent heels I picked up at Nordstrom the prior evening…

Fresh bread and olive oil

Butter lettuce salad with crispy shallots, blood orange, radishes, and grilled chicken

Serrato's on Urbanspoon

After getting our nails up to snuff, we headed home to get dressed up for the night, went out (well, it was a school-affiliated event), came back around 2 or 3 in the am, had a yoghurt (strawberry Siggi’s in my case) and promptly fell asleep


Saturday we were all understandably exhausted in which case some major (further exhausting) Indian food was in order. In this case, Naz and I decided to go try the Beaverton location of Swagat, located inside a house (and actually tastier albeit much slower-serviced than the NW 21st location)

Chicken Tikka (obviously)…needed some major meat after having a purely vegetarian lunch (Frozen yoghurt)

Chicken Tikka Masala

(unpictured): Garlic Naan, Papadums, Idli Sambar, Dahi (since the Raita had chopped capsicum in it, which I am allergic to…or rather utterly repulsed by)

Swagat Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Since we were in Beavertown (that’s not a misspelling), we also stopped over to Apna Bazaar, the Indian supermarket to pick up a few essentials- in my case that would be this:

Green chili chutney, South Indian porridge (the only kind of porridge-consistencied dish I will ever touch), and the most ADORABLE little aubergines in the universe!

Unfortunately, my weekend of sunshine has come to an end as the rain is back, I’ll probably be back to wearing black and gray, and be heading to the library at some point to ACTUALLY do the ridiculous amount of work that awaits my reluctant attention.

How was your weekend?

What’s a vegetable you are absolutely repulsed by?


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