Best terminology to describe the past week?

Frazzle fest. I’ve spent a total of one or two hours at home in which I was not engaging in my weekday morning routine, and the rest of the time has been primarily in one place I cannot wait to never have to see again:

The Library.

When I graduate I can only hope that they will nail a platinum placard with my full name and a sonnet of sympathy and hope on the round table with the comfy chairs by the PC lab as that has been (and will continue to be for the upcoming two weeks my primary place of residence.)

The weather is dreary, disheartening, and depressingly drab that there really is no point leaving the lib unless it’s for a jaunt to the gym, therefore the following activities have now become part of my library routine:

  • Sleeping for brief 26-minute increments
  • Strawberry-binging and gourmet sandwich consuming whilst taking Skype breaks with Clare
  • Experimenting with different fun beverages as incentives to finishing various assignments (my newest favourite is Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cinnamon drink…sounds gross, but in my personal opinion it’s the most deliciously overpriced fermented hipster liquid that has ever graced my lips.)
  • Blog surfing/ posting (like right now…)
  • Making restaurant/flight/hotel reservations
  • Eyeliner re-applications (for the two days this week in which I did NOT forego make up…shocker)
  • Socializing. Yup. 95% of my current social life takes place within these bibliographical walls
Something else I’ve discovered that maximizes the library experience? Dressing appropriately.
The ideal library-dwelling attire consists of:
  • Black leggings/tights/whatever you want to call those skintight flexibility-enhancing garments which can also do wonders at displaying how perky your derriere is (which please keep in mind, is only appropriate in a gym environment and with proper undergarments to prevent the dreaded VPL)
  • Some sort of a neutral coloured top, preferably made by Theory/Vince/Robert Rodriguez and super super soft on the skin
  • An oversize cardigan…it’s the library, cover up your spandex-ified behind, even if just slightly
  • A pashmina…you can use it as a blanket if your library is a refrigerator (like mine) or a stylish accessory or to cover up yourself if you did go the other route and wear a teensy little zippered bandage skirt to school (which happens quite frequently in my case.)
  • Easily removable footwear…I highly recommend water-resistant flip flops made by Coach, Tory Burch, Havaianas, or D&G Beachwear
On the food/drank radar this week, Naz and I stuck to the favourites:
Arabian Nights
Mezze Platter: Taboula, Hummus, Falafel, Dolmas, Tahini, & Babghanouj
Lentil Soup & Babaghanouj
Nazu’s DELICIOUS chicken schawarma with bokhari rice, garlic sauce, tzatziki, salad, & sumac
My Shish Tawouk with the epic mouthwatering garlic sauce

Arabian Nights on Urbanspoon

Shrimp Salad Rolls with peanut sauce
Chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber salad…I’m puzzled about the random bits of toast, but Naz loves toast so she took care of that…
Chicken Pad Thai
Pad Eggplant: I picked out the capsicum, obviously.

Dang's Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

And then…we decided to decompress by having a classy assy, chill Friday night at Departure Lounge on top of the Nines Hotel:
Dessert: A delectable Vietnamese Coffee/Chocolate tart with condensed milk ice cream. Sumptious suga-fest, that’s for sure.
Before I leave you all to tend to your Saturdays, allow me to showcase my obsession of the week:
Prada’s Spring 2011 Earring Collection:
All limited edition by Prada, $230 (per pair.) J’adore, j’adore, j’adore.
All Prada photos from WMAG.
Any plans this weekend?
How do you enjoy procrastinating?  

One thought on “Frazzled

  1. The library is pretty cool, isn’t it? Some libraries feel too old and run down to be comfortable in, where you get the feeling that homeless people or ghosts are living in its dark corners. Yet some libraries feel too modern and are without character and “cold”. My opinion is W* Library is in the middle. And the vibe of the students keeps one going. There’s not too much talking / noise, but there is enough to keep one awake and in a happy mood, like when babies are playing and laughing in the distance.

    If you go downstairs and go out the back entrance by the box recycler you can even get some peaceful alone time. Do some stretches, reflect, lean back and enjoy the silence.

    Good luck on the presentation. Once it’s over with people are going to spot you dancing in the streets, no?

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