How To Deal?

It is a stressful time, my friends- crunch time, if you will. In fact, a lot of bloggers have been dishing about this stressful era in time (such as one of my favourites, Jenny).

I am scheduled to graduate with a BA in International Affairs (it should really be a BS if you ask me…hah poor joke) in a mere thirty-two days and until then there is far too much to be thought about and done. I have a myriad of to-do lists scattered amongst the “customer copy” receipts, gum wrappers, price tags, and computer science info-sheets littering my bedroom floor and simply not enough energy to perform said to-do list tasks.

Edit thesis.

Finish thesis.

Thesis presentation.

Computer Science Midterm

Actually try and somewhat understand Computer Science enough to do decently on midterm.

Do random whatever-it-is for Fundamentals of Movement

Call parents (so they actually don’t file a missing person report…or end up calling my friends)

Cover letters, resumes, job applications

Summer Plans…India? India visa? Portland? Sweden? Finland?

Have final “Am I really not allowed to go to Egypt anymore?” discussion with the rents…

Clean room, take out recyclables, colour-code closet

Return Alice Temperley dress and make some money

…I really can go on for centuries. The best way I find to cope with monumental stress is to just plow through the to-do list, demolish every single stony bulletpoint- however, it’s disheartening to find that with each one pummeled down, another one just pops back up- like the mummies that never die in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

I have been trying to sleep adequately, not forego my morning-ly bubble baths, drink loads of Electrolyte-ified SmartWater and remember to eat things that have carbohydrates and fat in them (for proper mental agility) but sometimes lack of time gets the best of me.

How do you deal with stress? Or react?

I’ve realized that no matter how much I have to do, I NEED time every day to NOT think about everything I must tend to, and that my friends would be in the mornings: Blogging, outfit selection, checking out my (hopefully in the green) stock shares, and perusing the fashion feed at have been my saviours. As for the rest of the day- humour is the best coping mechanism.

Now, the sun is shining outside so I may actually get to wear one of my Luella Bartley sundresses…

xx and hope you all have a carefree, lovely tuesday.


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