Poached or Truffled

Not even 3pm and it’s already been a good day…

Look at that dazzling five-day forecast (I am selecting to ignore the droplets under the sun on Monday)


Brunch with these two (this photo is over a year old ps)…

…at this Pearl District jaunt:

Irving Street Kitchen

Sara: Moroccan poached eggs with garlic-rubbed toast. Divine.

Yurop: Croque Madame with pastrami, fried egg, cheddar mornay, truffle mayo, & garlic truffled pomme frites. Sumptious.

Nazu: Dungeness crab and lobster soft scramble with truffled mascarpone atop brioche. Oh, she’s fancy, huh? 

Great weather, greater food, and the greatest friends…

Irving Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a thesis presentation to prepare for

How did you begin your Sunday?


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