What you would not expect out of me…

Today I presented my International Affairs Seminar thesis questioning what factors contribute to corruption in India, and used this as the wonderful backdrop image to my Title Slide:

See that photo in the upper right hand photo…rugged looking chick…that would be me, my friends after five long hours digging an earthen bund in Penukonda (Andhra Pradesh), India with shodden tools in over 100 degree Fahrenheit heat as a day spent working like a rural villager while learning about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act…

…To elaborate further, the local press came to watch my classmates and I take on this project and I was photographed/interviewed about my opinions on the NREGA and minimum wage laws as a whole (the language I am quoted in is Telugu, the local language.)

Down to earth, literally, my nephs…

Hardened by a day’s labour…and tenderized for a lifetime…this just may have been the most glamorous day of my life.

On another note, I am more than relieved to be done with my presenting my thesis…now I just need to finish writing and editing the bloody thing.

Have a terrific Tuesday

What’s the most un-stereotypically YOU thing you have ever done?


4 thoughts on “What you would not expect out of me…

  1. most un-stereotypically “me” thing I’ve ever done? probably this.

    …or maybe dressing up in a skank-tastic outfit to go clubbing.

  2. Looking hot!!! Both literally and figuratively.

    I think it’s a great thing to do, and I’ll bet it was so much more meaningful!

    I think…being a journalist is probably an unstereotypical Asian thing to do. And also hating make up and dressing up is definitely UN-Korean!

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