A Neph-Venture with Sara & Clare: Passover Protein Edition

A Few Things Worth Knowing Before Proceeding In Reading this Post:

1. It’s almost Finals week (and I have a Senior Thesis due in six days) therefore the library is where you are most likely to find me.

2. Thus, it is quite likely that I eat a minimum of one meal per day in the library as to not waste any potential thesisizing time (and to make sure no one else steals one of my round tables with the comfy chairs…)

3. It is currently Passover, and though I am not Jewish, Clare is and has been having a hard time with all the sundried tomato bagel and mac n cheese fantasizing she has been tormented by…therefore I decided to support her for a day with the sharing of a grand yeast-free supper while simultaneously conquering the mounds of work we each have. #WINNING? I think so.

4. Sometimes you cannot take life too seriously and the only way to cope with stress and uncertainty is by taking a break and doing something completely spontaneous, amusing, and fulfilling…like eating a rotisserie chicken in the library.

Alors…after hitting up the gym for a nice sesh of iron pumping, Clare met me at my car and we headed down to our beloved New Seasons Market to purchase no other than a rotisserie chicken. Besides chicken, the other yeast-free food we both tend to eat in excess is cantaloupe and berries so Clare of course picked up a couple of containers of those while I filled up condiment containers with fancy dijon mustard and sriracha sauce…

…Once returning to campus, I scoured my trunk for a container of Black Pepper (yes I do keep spices in my car amongst other things…)

And we headed to the lib to set up our supper/study table:

Our set up

Oh hey, library.

Clare’s ready for some nine buck-cluck

Our glorious, humanely raised hormone-free antibiotic free Rot-Chick

And DEMOLISHED, we certainly each met our protein quota for the day…

And for dessert, no other than an organic cantaloupe & berry binge. Delightful.

…You didn’t think we would document this experience without

an obligatory informative two minute video, did you?


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