Right Now: Musings From a Seven Year Old Sara

TGIS…and a sunny, gorgeous, sixty-eight degree S if I may add

Another week put under the ground, the next being my last week of college classes EVER, and the one after that being my graduation.

Honestly, where does time go?

When I was seven years old I invented this philosophy which turned out to become incredibly useful in times of stress, seemingly endless agony, and when I was sleeping on dank stained sheet wood planks in mold and mosquito-infested huts in the hills of Karnataka, India (see photo below for proof):

What was that philosophy? I like to call it Sara’s “Right Now,” philosophy; allow me to explain:

Right Now you are reading this sentence?

But right now you are reading this one…remember how it was right now when you were reading the prior sentence? Therefore “Right Now,” is eternity…every moment in your life, every nanosecond, experience, sensation, emotion has at once occurred in the “Right Now,” and time is constantly moving and changing so if “right now,” is unsavoury to your personal palate it is comforting to know that it will pass.

It’s absolutely beyond the valley of craziness to realize that the “right now” of graduating college is almost upon me, I still recall “right now,” graduating high school in my black DVF-esque Miss Sixty dress with the first and only case of sunburn that has ever imposed on my skin. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Despite having a thesis to finish, I have been trying to savour each of these last days and moments- the last week notably has involved both work and play, in the forms of thesis revisions and meaty happy hours with good friends in the Pearl District, the best by far being Andina:

Beef Heart Kabobs with Salsa (x2 orders)…the happy hour price was $10 (normally $20)

Absolutely SUMPTIOUS Peruvian chicken kabobs with salsa…also $10.

Bread with quinoa and salsa trio

Chicken-stuffed mini empanada from the Chef

‘Twas a lot of meat for the three of us- Yurop, our Peruvian friend Manuel, and I…however we polished off 17 of the 18 skewers with Yurop asking for a box to take the remaining beef heart skewer home with him (I think he ended up giving it to Naz after we watched the enchanting senior thesis project play she co-directed)

Andina on Urbanspoon


Alors, it’s the weekend and it’s beautiful outside so I’m going to start my day so I can hopefully catch some Vitamin D before the rain returns tomorrow.

What are your musings on time passing? 


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