Food Rules…

…shouldn’t exist when you’re a busy college student…case in point:

Rule #1: Vegetables should cover half the plate of each meal

Justification: Three Persian cucumbers were consumed during World Music while skyping with Clare so I think I did just fine meeting my veg quota for the day, thank you very much.

Detail: Two massive Shish Tawouk (chicken) skewers with Lebanese Garlic Sauce. Perhaps my favourite carnivorous strip mall indulgence

Verdict: Sumptious, luscious, scrumptious. As always.

Rule #2: Don’t forego dinner in lieu of a massive dessert.

Justification: 6:30 PM= Dinnertime. And the last time I had a cake that wasn’t made from organic unbleached whole wheat flour or Scharffenberger-ized and sold at New Seasons Market was when I was still looking up cheat codes to Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Detail: Since I am the epitome of culinary indecisiveness I went with both “Decadent Chocolate” and “Spice Cake.”

Verdict: Guilty…both were so saccharine and dense that I could (literally) feel my heart palpitating from the nine trillion grams of sugar (keeping in mind I had already consumed somewhere between 4-5 cups of Stumptown in the preceding twelve hours).

Rule #3: Don’t eat after 8pm

Justification: 12 hours in the library and cake for dinner…without proper nutrition, thesis conclusions cannot be coherently written. #FACT

Detail: A mishmash of Trader Joe’s Punjabi Chole, some South Indian lentil/wheat porridge, Fage 2% greek yoghurt, green chili chutney, Trader Joe’s chili sauce, Eggplant hummus, cumin, garam masala, chili flakes, mini heirloom tomatoes. Delicious. And thrown together in less than five minutes.

Verdict: I’m going to bed. My thesis is due in forty-two and a half hours.

Do you eat by cravings or schedule?

Favourite dessert? 

Sleep well my charming champignons!


2 thoughts on “Food Rules…

  1. How can people stop eating at 6pm? I think my calorie intake is at it’s highest between 7 and 9:30. But that’s probably the worst thing I can do for my metabolism…

    Good luck with your thesis! I wouldn’t even know where to start…

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