Turned in my thesis then ate a jellyfish

It’s been one hell of a week, let me tell you…

…a hectic, neurotic, chaotic, caffeinated, suffocating mishmash to mark my final week of college classes…

So naturally with the way the universe functions, my hair straightener WOULD burn out and reach it’s demise on Wednesday morning.

…but I suppose that did provide an adequate excuse for Nazu and I to take a Target & Whole Foods study/dinner break:

Rosemary rotisserie chicken, roasted aubergine & zucchini, spinach w/ parmigiano reggiano, carrots, & almonds

…We promptly returned to the library with my Facebook-advertised intention of acting like a real stereotypical college student and staying “all night,” being my first jaunt in the library with the intention of staying past 10pm…

…alors, naturally to commemorate this occasion I changed into my pink Juicy pyjamas, threw my hair in a messy “I have work to do” ponytail, and embarked on the daunting task of Thesis Conclusion Construction…

…By 10:30pm however Nazu and I really weren’t feeling the lib anymore and I had major yoghurt cravings so we went home and I changed into my actual sleepwear (which usually consists of boxers with whatever random mismatching shirt happens to be laying around)

Thursday however was a monumental day in the life of Sara: a day I feared would never come, a day that always came across as a mirage, a moment for Moet if you will:

The submission of my thirty-four page International Affairs Thesis, which, my friends officially means I have completed all the necessary criteria to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs.

How to celebrate? With the first friends you had in college (aka Madoka and David) over a three hour long sinus-sharpening splendidly spicy Sichuan supper at no other than Lucky Strike:

“Leopard skins”: Fried jalapenos with bean sprouts, spring onions, and LOTS of chili & garlic

Crispy tofu with spicy dipping sauce

Thousand-Year old Egg. Those chilies were so hot they made my mascara run.

Jellyfish salad with scallions, garlic, & chinese celery. Absolutely fell in love with the crunchified texture.

Cumin Beef. Favourite.

Completely UN-LEGIT photo of the fantastic Dan Dan noodles with beef and peanuts

Garlic ginger braised aubergine…

This meal serves as a rather adequate reiteration of the fact that whoever I spend my future with better eat garlic every single day.

Lucky Strike on Urbanspoon

How do you celebrate accomplishments?

If you’ve already done a thesis, what did you do it on?

How high is your spicy tolerance?


2 thoughts on “Turned in my thesis then ate a jellyfish

  1. you’ve seriously never pulled an all-nighter? I don’t think they’re going to let you graduate!

  2. I would do a thesis on Asian-Americans and eating disorders. 🙂

    CONGRATS!!!! You have now got (soon enough anyway) your Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs~ How sweet. I would love to be able to boast about having a degree in that.

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