Guess who has a degree?

In International Affairs, that is…

(I had to crop out the father since he is an extremely private person)

This past week has been a hectic yet exhilarating roller coaster of receptions, toasts, miniature desserts, mezze platters, and a rotation of conservative-sided cocktail dresses which has left my jaw aching from paparazzi-esque photo ops and my feet debilitated from all the beautiful yet finger-thin high heel action I have put them through.

The highlight of all this, however (besides getting to finally wear my Lanvin dress & red patent crystallized heels) was that my father was the one on stage who presented me with my Diploma (he is an alum/on the Board of Trustees here…but nevertheless it was the most incredible surprise)- of course the amount of emotional shock that ensued from that included dropping my damned unflattering hair-flattening cap on stage, being too jittery to pick it up and put it on my head for the photo op and well…it was awkward from there. But who cares, I am a college graduate with a Bachelors in International Affairs, say whattttt?

What’s your immediate post-graduation POA (plan of action)?


If you’ve already graduated college, what did you do just after?


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