Sleep in, kick back, chop/bake/sip



KILLER toast (not actually “light”, just about half in size to the regular 21 whole grains version)

Essential Trader Joe’s produce/dairy/condiments/meat stock-up

Stocking up on Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Unconventional Fajitas: Grilled chicken, zucchini, pearl onions, chipotle/chili flake, avocado w/ lime juice and chili, Fage 2%, Roasted tomato salt-free salsa, wheat corn tortilla

Favourite new find: ACTUALLY tastes like wasabi (howdidtheydothat?!)

Veggie-maki inspired salad (cukes, wasabi arugula, avocado, chilli, sesame oil)

Essential Food Blogger addiction/crunch factor: Kale chips baked with sea salt, chili flakes, and Moroccan olive oil

Aubergine hummus for dippage

Trendy lil sips and snacks: Tamarind Whiskey Sour (palm sugar, bourbon, lime juice, tamarind) and “chicken” three ways aka peanuts with shallots and lemongrass (Whiskey Soda Lounge)

Desi Grad Parties (always have great food): Tandoori chicken, baba ghanouj, pita, spring roll, palak paneer, raita, basmati, aloo subzi

Hummus/wasabi arugula/sundried tomato/chilli sauce SNACKWICHES (with finally a manicure…you like?)

And……….wild mushroom patty/taboula SNACKwiches bien sur…

…back to job hunting mes champignons 🙂




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