Play the Part

What a Portland day I had!

1. Crossed the Sellwood bridge a grand total of four times

2. It started out semi-sunny, then it rained monsoon style, then it got sunny again, then it sort of drizzled, then the air was just very very damp…harsh day for my windshield wipers.

3. Hit up New Seasons in Sellwood to restock my Stumptown, coffee filters, and Oregon trumpet mushrooms

4. Spent my evening sipping Kombucha with the newest issue of Portland Monthly and googling information about the farmer’s markets in Westmoreland and Hollywood (PDX).

5. Decided to don my personal idea of Portland hipster garb: Cheap Monday skinny jeans, some artsy suede hipster shoes (which are actually from Nordstrom but that’s beside the point), an Urban Outfitters tissue thin ironic printed v-neck, my one and only sriracha-red American Apparel hoodie, and some old hemp bracelets I purchased for $3 at Salt Lake City airport. I really would have worn my faux prescription rimmed glasses and the one flannel shirt I own except for the fact that the sky was pissing on and off all day and my complex with preventing water from coming into contact with my keratin strands in public made the AA hoodie a far more practical decision. On a side note- do you ever feel like your clothing choices influence your demeanor of the day? And by demeanor of the day I mean the way one behaves and subtly communicates with people they DON’T know- such as the cashier at New Seasons or a botoxed Lake Oswego MILF in a bubblelicious pink Juicy Couture terrycloth tracksuit (I did actually witness this 2004-era atrocity today at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt amidst a gathering of tacky patent magenta Coach tote-toting Lake O Mothers commiserating for their Sunday PTA drama over some acai-topped sugar free Raspberry tart swirl). Ah joy. One of my favorite hobbies in high school was dressing a stereotype then having fun acting it out for a day…never gets old.

My darling friend, Jahnavi and I  took a couple of Scottish friends for their first go at self-serve fro yo (I get so excited introducing people to this epic concept): This was my “vegetarian” meal of the day…as usual my difficulty in making flavor decisions resulted in a mishmash of peanut butter, cookies & cream, fudge brownie, cheesecake, coffee, cupcake, mango, and tart topped with a plethora of fresh fruit.


Then for supper, I rushed over to Sellwood to meet up my latest meal buddy, Anne for some epic mounds of sushi at a Portland favourite, Saburo’s:

One of Anne’s super intense cream cheesy-tempurafied-crab/fish mix rolls…she wasn’t too crazy about it though

Konnichi wa Sushi Feast! (mix of random spicy tuna roll, cucumber-encased hawaiian roll, some yellowfin-albacore-salmon roll, whatever anne’s tempura thingy at the end was). Absolutely phenomenal, I don’t care how un-classy I looked demolishing these mega sized phish phenomenons in front of the sushi chefs facing us from the bar- absolutely AMAZING and once I began to sense that devil of fullness, I resorted to defatting the filler food (aka rice) and just eating the freshalicious seafare with the remaining ginger/wasabi/cuke/avocado/smelt roe to be lying about…

In the words of Anne: “Take a picture of the sushi carcass!” (aka what was left once we finished)

Go here. It’s worth waiting a half hour in the psychotic weather outside- or you could just do what Anne did and walk across the street to Nectar for a coconut fro-yo appetizer (I accompanied her and didn’t oblige since…well I had just come from fro yo- but the plus side was the cashier dude gave me her punchcard since she didn’t want one. Who doesn’t like punchcards?)

Saburo's Sushi House on Urbanspoon

How was your Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Play the Part

  1. Punchcards take up so much space in my purse/wallet, then I forget about them, they find their way to the floor of my car, and suddenly my car is messy. So I do not like punchcards and I am very happy to share mine with you. I would like punchcards if they worked like store cards or grocery cards and I could just give them my number/email address and they would automatically track my fro-yo consumption.

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