Shaky Knees

I woke up this morning feeling like I spent yesterday tied down by an entire schoolyard of Hannah Montana-lunchbox-toting munchkins (like the Lilliputians did to Gulliver) who had proceeded to jump all over my shoulders, knees, and thighs.

Ouch. What I’d give for a deep tissue massage right about now…

…and to add on to the trauma, I have spent the past week looking for BASKET-STYLE coffee filters which fit my janky 4-cup Mr.Coffee- and have failed and thus had to resort to some paper towel origami in order to get some morning spring. Yes, I am rather surprised myself that someone with my degree of java dependence still relies on a 4-cup Mr.Coffee- Something fancier a la French Press or high tech Espresso machine might be a legitimate upcoming investment…

…and why am I feeling so rundown? No, it’s not a hangover or a measly night of four hour snooze…but this:

(Yes, I jacked this image from Barre3’s website)

Anne and Amalia (though mostly Anne being the hardcore fitness fiend she is) convinced me to don some spandex and drop $30 on a three-class pass at downtown Lake Oswego’s Barre3 fitness studio. In short, the method is a based on the premise of improving one’s strength, posture, and overall fitness by combining yoga, pilates, and ballet techniques. Despite the post-exercise soreness, I will be back soon (and I have Anne luckily to make sure of that), it was certainly a legitimate workout and left me energized as a meerkat despite some shaky spastic knees.

Thus, I admit it was a good time- downtown Lake Oswego makes me feel like I’m right back home in Mill Valley (Marin County) with all the poshtastic pricy accessory boutiques, fitness studios, and cafes where no one bats an eyelash at the request of a sugarfree soy latte with extra foam (not me though…I’m a straight up black coffee purist). Yes, I know I make fun of  stereotypical Marin/Lake O women all the time but it was pleasant fun and home-nostalgic to play the part of one going to Barre3 with my reusable water bottle, then following up with a fruity fro-yo jaunt while still wearing my pilates get-up  (and of course oversize sunglasses and my huge Prabal Gurung gym bag). Oh yeah, and for good measure I decided to stop at Whole Foods (still pilate-fied) to replenish my fridge-stock of my biggest nightly pre-bed treat:

For the past year I end EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with a slice of this accompanied by Fage 2% and fruit. So good. So good. SO GOOD. Upper Crust Bakery in Lake Oswego is incredible- my other favorite loaves are the Double Chocolate (made with Ghirardelli) and Blueberry Crumble. And the ingredients are wholesome and pronounceable. #WIN


Later in the day after spending an hour on hold with Lufthansa Miles & More (I eventually gave up and hung up), I met my friends, Madoka and Denise for a girl’s night out dinner at the newly opened Brix Tavern in the Pearl District. The best part about this place:

Four dollars each…some random all day happy hour

Otherwise, I have to say I wasn’t too impressed. The place just opened two and a half weeks ago, but besides that I was not a huge fan of the menu fare: lots of pot pies, fried shenanigans, stuff with succotash and cornbread etc etc. Denise however ordered a pizza which looked pretty legit:

Madoka and I on the other hand went with the cold rotisserie chicken salad (I know, I know…chicken salads again):

Cold rotisserie chicken, avocado (there was literally like two slices…sadness), corn & peas, roasted tomato vinaigrette. Honestly pretty boring and definitely not worth $11…I could have made this at home with an entire avocado and an array of other enticing ingredients.

Brix Tavern on Urbanspoon

Oh well, when I eventually got home I went to town with my lemon poppyseed pound cake, Fage, and fruit so it was all good in this hood.

Besides, in my opinion eating out is only partially about the food, but more about the experience and the company and despite a disappointing salad it was delightful catching up with these two ladies!

What’s your “safe order” when all else fails to appeal on a menu?

Do you prefer to exercise in a group setting or on your own?

Any coffeemaker recommendations? 

PS: I am very excited to say that Anne is starting a fitness-centered blog on her experiences at various studios in Portland, once she has the URL established I’ll dole it out for you all to check out!


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