If the world were to end in two days…

…Then I would have approximately thirty-nine hours (or less depending on which timezone Earth’s ending is scheduled to follow) to cram in the remainder of my life goals:

1. Have an enormously successful business and end up on the covers of Forbes and Fortune donning a Yves Saint Laurent power suit (however due to the time constraints I might have to settle for the front page of Friday’s Financial Times…and how on earth would I get a YSL P.S. tailored that quickly?)

2. Purchase a beautiful customized Hermes Birkin (which I suppose would be much easier and allow wait list-jumpage if I reach goal #1)

3. Dine at El Bulli (aka the “best restaurant in the world,” I suspect this would be a several hours long engagement) with the company of someone I care about dearly

4. Hop on the Oriental Express through Southeast Asia

5. Have VIP tickets to a Rammstein concert, preferably somewhere in Germany

6. Learn to speak German, Russian and Swedish fluently

7. Become a Chanel Ambassadress (and on the same note be described as “inspiring” by Karl Lagerfeld)

8. Get snapped by the paparazzi en route to the gym with an oversize Balenciaga “gym bag,” SmartWater in hand, and oversize Oliver Peoples shades

9. Have a stint as a secret agent (that will only be revealed in an exclusive interview Vanity Fair has with me many years after the fact…which complicates that I only have two days to do all this…)

10. Construct a luxury garage at my primary residence to house my fine car collection

11. Become absolutely phenomenal at cooking Arabic food (and learn to chop parsley into the finest little slithers) and become known to my friends and acquaintances as the queen of kafta and chicken kebabs

12. Complete my collection of barf bags from all the airlines of the world, then be photographed beside it, featured in some Collector’s magazine, then proceed to frame each bag individually and have an entire room in which the walls are made up of Air France “sac de vomirs,” and the like…

13. Go to Moscow and lounge on some rooftop of a luxury hotel discussing business and leisure with some Russian oil tycoons over fine caviar and blinis

14. Become President of Finland and hallmark Finnish history not by being Finland’s first female president (since we’ve already accomplished that as a nation), but the first cappuccino-hued Pres (who still has one of the most common names in Finland)

15. Make Anna Wintour laugh

16. Visit and experience Macchu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the ruins of Ancient Egypt, and the Great Wall of China– basically everywhere the Tomb Raider video games enamored me with during my younger years

17. Gain greater expertise on art and photography

18. Drink tea in little china cups and chopstick sashimi while sitting in a minimalist room on a mat with cherry blossom trees outside and a flawless view of Mount Fuji

19. Visit the Titanic

20. Take a trip to the Moon or Mars

21.  Have Lewis & Clark College, Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton, and Oxford request me to be their Commencement speakers…then decline all due to my hectic travel schedule except Lewis and Clark

22. Hit over a million frequent flier miles on each of my British Airways, Lufthansa-Star Alliance, Emirates, and Virgin Atlantic accounts

23. Work alongside Queen Rania of Jordan on one of her many incredible projects

24. Be able to step into the infiniti pool at a Four Seasons Bali bungalow, gaze at the view, and truly be happy with with the relationships and successes in my life

25. Reply to my father’s e-mail being able to say that yes, I did call the Volvo dealer to get my car’s skirt repaired, that I did send out those cover letters and resumes, and that I have started to tidy up and begin the move out process from this apartment.

What are some of your life goals?

PS. This post was inspired by an end-of-the-world to-do list I saw on the FABULOUS Thought Catalog

PPS. I do have other personal life goals which I have omitted to keep the content light


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