Mangia, Mangia Mama M(anne)go

Wednesday, May 18th was my quintessential definition of a fine day. A day gone right accentuated by weather warm enough to don Dylan George shorts and silk Missoni-inspired tops sans cardigan. A day in which all units of consumption (aka food and beverage) inspired awe, passion, ideas, knowledge, and discussion. And a day spent in fabulous Swedish-Alaskan company between Bistro Booths, Bug (of the Volkswagen sort) Boots, and Wine Warehouses.

Now, let’s do this in chronological order, shall we…starting at breakfast:

For the first time in a stone age and a half I was actually not craving my usual routine cereal/kefir breakfast…alors, whipped up a batch of 9 grain pancakes with Fage 2%, cinnamon, maple syrup, and fresh berries. Delightfully satiating.

Après le petit déjeuner, I bummed around for a bit doing the usual: cover letters, resumes, making dental appointments, blow drying Fekkai glossing cream through my hair…you know ‘erry day tasks.

At around 2pm, I headed into downtown Portland and picked up my very first bathing suit since elementary school- all I will say is that it has a banana/pineapple print motif. I am very much a fan of produce’s appearance on clothing (in addition to on plates and in Photobooth shoots of course).

3PM: Met Amalia and Anne for the most epic happy hour hamburger of all time, which if you have been following this blog long enough are sure to remember:

Yes indeed, that is the Le Pigeon burger from Little Bird Bistro with a glorious side of butter lettuce and roquefort dressing. Usually priced at $12, happy hour knocks off a few bucks and you can get this pound of satiation for $9 between the hours of 3-5pm

And really…no one is a more prolific member of the CPC (Clean Plate Club) or BDC (Burger Demolishment Coalition) than yours truly:

And being the early happy hour it was, Anne took the liberty of taking full advantage of traditional happy hour perks:

That, my friends would be the bitter bitter supertaster’s worst nightmare, the Antoinette- a cocktail composed of vodka, grapefruit, Campari, Dolin Blanc, and Peychauds.

Verdict: Too much of a struggle to sip. Anne, being the proactive customer she is requested a replacement beverage and was awarded one which was far more pleasing to the palate:

Jus de Pomme: Apple Jack, apple ginger juice, Angostura, and Soda on ze rocks. #WIN

Following the demolishment of our Le Pigeons, the charming and attentive waiter presented us with the dessert menu which Amalia and I immediately vetoed.

Anne, had other plans:

A nutella and strawberry filled crepe; she described it as “delightful.” Indeed.

Little Bird Bistro on Urbanspoon


After a productive late lunch, we all hopped into Anne’s VW Bug and crossed over to the Eastside Industrial side of the Willamette River:

Scene of the Hood

Anne’s Yoga teacher’s husband had informed Anne (and thus Anne informed us) about some warehouse out in Southeast which sells a variety of domestic and imported high calibre wines that have been overstocked for BELOW wholesale prices. So unconventionally upscale hipster of us to scope this out. It’s called Cellar Wines and on SE Stark and 3rd if you’re interested (which you should be if you are an unconventional Portland-dwelling hipster)

Blurry Photo- but the inside of the warehouse actually made me feel like I was back (near) home in Napa. You probably can’t see but those bottles in the foreground of the picture are priced from $3.85-$6.00, and though I’m no wine connoisseur, these are many tiers above  the two-buck-chuck league.

Anne, however has her sites set on becoming a wine-o and thus purchased six bottles of various chardonnays, rieslings, and sauvingon blancs as well as six stemmed flavor-enhancing wine glasses.


So, a little late in the game, but I feel like now is the appropriate time to do a quick profile for you to better understand my friend, Anne:

This is Anne in her Lake Oswego kitchen

Anne + M(anne)gos, about to make some delectably delightful mango daiquiris to accompany the night of June issue Cosmo reading we had planned.

Anne is a political science graduate originally from Haines, Alaska. She is the most dedicated yogi/fitness fiend (this is an endearing term) I have ever come across. Case in point: she awakens from her sweet slumber at 5:30 each morning for CorePower Yoga or BootCamp and attends anywhere from 2-5 classes at trendy fitness studios scattered throughout the Pearl, 23rd street, Southeast, and (now) Lake Oswego. Anne doesn’t cook, but she always makes delightful cocktails using the freshest organic produce (such as these plump New Seasons Manila Mangos) and is also the perfect person to hit up on a moment’s notice for a sushi jaunt or snazzy happy hour.

Anne loves Kate Spade and LuluLemon and knows how to reflect elegance and class through her wardrobe ensembles (which usually consist of Chanel oversize sunnies, a Kate Spade shirtdress, Longchamp tote, and a pair of Sam Edelman gladiators to go with her perfectly French manicured toes…that is unless she is coming from Yoga in which the Kate Spade shirtdress would we swapped for some Lulu crops). Her bathroom contains more Nars/Chanel/Laura Mercier than I thought possible to fit on one counter. She also has an endearing tendency to pick up a variety of interests in which she invests a lot of passion into at their current time of inception. Examples include: Baking gluten-free trans-fat-free mini strawberry rhubarb
pies in her new mini pie maker (she also has a mini pie cookbook and mould to go with it of course) and now becoming savvy about her vino (I wouldn’t be surprised if I started seeing issues of Wine Spectator and Groupon purchases of Willamette Valley Vineyards soon).

All in all she makes very pleasant company and is a wonderful, logical, honest, and hilarious lady and I have never failed to have a grand time full of laughs each time we have hung out. She is ALSO starting a blog (which I may have mentioned in a prior post) however at most recent check she doesn’t have any entries yet, so once she does you know I’ll be reppin it right here!


Anyways, I hope you all are having as much sunshine as I am!

How much do you know about wine?

Do you have a friend whose character can be so perfectly and eloquently defined? 

Who are your burger/sushi/happy hour buddies?


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