Discriminating, astute, and persnickety. Clean. Pastels, neutrals, black & white. Small, intricate, within a degree of plausible perfection. Scarce luxury. Deeply thought. Particular.

Owning three coats: A vintage mink, Burberry trench, signature persimmon-hued silk-lined peacoat snagged at a small boutique in Vienna

Buttered toast and jam for breakfast. Freshly baked levain with Lurpak and Bonne Maman, mind you

Two perfumes on your vanity: A customized gardenia concoction from your last holiday in Paris and an inherited bottle of your great-grandmother’s cherished Joy by Jean Patou

The therapeutic acts of cleaning the dust out of your fan with a q-tip, shredding old receipts/syllabi/required readings, shoving unfashionably indecisive garments purchased on sale at Urban Outfitters into Goodwill-bound Bang & Olufsen shopping bags, tossing away old bottles of sticky-capped conditioner/face wash/hand lotion gone rancid, arranging your various Helmut Lang/Filippa K/Theory/Vince white chemises on expensive ultrachic hangers, exfoliating with guava or lavender-infused washes, balancing your cheque-book, cleaning out your fridge and shining your wineglasses, exercise-sauna-cool shower, spring cleaning your Twitter, ordering something containing avocado, whole grains, and local produce, chopping cucumbers, Pandora-ing Annie as you gracefully sit in your silk robe before the mirror deciding to forego any semblance of make-up, sip pungent ginger tea, pen a to-do list in which you can already cross off half the checkboxes, relish in the company of those who leave a smile lingering on your face and a spring to your (Louboutin-ized) step, don’t overdo it- diminishing marginal utility.

Have the freshest and highest quality of sushi available on this end of the Pacific:

Bamboo Sushi: SE 28th Avenue, Portland’s only sustainable sushi restaurant…an assortment of impeccable, fresh and satisfying wakame salad, poke, tuna tataki, wild salmon cucumber sliders, masago nigiri, wild salmon nigiri, spicy tuna roll, and miso-dressed salmon with portabellas and asparagus.

Bamboo Sushi on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Minimalism

  1. We have a similar sushi restaurant in L.A. called SugarFish. It’s in my list of restaurants to visit. 🙂
    I adore minimalism, though that’s not usually how I cook. I just can’t resist the temptation to hoard pantry items, and then use them all mixed up in random combinations.

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