Tell Me A Secret

Last night, Amalia and I went to fetch an adorably Lululemon clad Anne from the airport after her weeklong tirade back home in Haines, Alaska. Since we were already in the Northeast Portland quadrant (an area I admittedly am not too familiar with), we decided to make a secret pitstop for a bit of a late happy hour (or hours in our case)

Our choice:

(image from user Geoff K on Yelp)

Secret Society Lounge is located in the same building as one of Portland’s busiest and most raved about restaurants, Toro Bravo (which I am YET to try unfortunately)- and has a dim speakeasy old times prohibition era ambiance complete with plush velvet couches, chandeliers, an olden library shelf, and World War II era drinks containing mixers such as ginger beer or sugar cubes.

Anne kicking it on the couch in the ladies lounge

They also have an amazing happy hour popcorn deal:

With black pepper, parmesan, and probably a LOT of butter…addictive

With butter and sea salt…tasted like slightly more upscale greaseley (i know that isn’t a word) satisfying movie theatre popcorn. Honestly cannot remember the last time I ate popcorn…

We liked the old world tavern atmosphere of Secret Society Lounge- seems like it could be a good place to go on a date with the dim lighting, innovative vieux-chic beverages, and conduciveness to intimate conversation-making.

Secret Society on Urbanspoon

Speaking of secrets, do you have any?

I suppose for the sake of this post I can de-secretize a little secret: Contrary to what it may seem, I wasn’t always such a healthy eater. As a child I loved junk food- in fact by age seven I was putting away entire quarter pounders, large orders of fries, and milkshakes at Mickey D’s. My other vices: REALLY rich fettucine alfredo, toast/potatoes/pasta with ridiculous amounts of butter, massive quantities of peanut butter and Oreos (yup, courtesy of the Parent Trap), Coca Cola by the litre, gargantuan ice cream sundaes complete with fudge/caramel/PB/oreos, three heaping bowls of grape nuts cereal for breakfast (or 10 pancakes with Aunt Jemima), up to 12 Finnish meatballs with mashed potatoes…yeah, I really don’t know how I did it and what kind of a metabolism I had. In fact, in High School when we started having “off campus lunch” I would only spend around $1.50 of my lunch money and buy a 99 cent bag of Doritos and two chocolate doughnuts and save up the rest for a splurge at Juicy Couture (some things have changed…obviously.) I don’t think I had even heard of kale, spaghetti squash, or aubergines.

My habits have changed drastically since then, initially too drastically, but now to a perfect balance. I have finally learned that the cliche of healthy eating being all about moderation is completely true. I refuse to label myself under any sort of dietary category (vegan/raw-foodist/paleo, etc) as I find it too restrictive and unnecessary for myself, but eat relatively healthy (yet deliciously) 90% of the time and splurge on buttery popcorn, a pack of Oreos, or some pomme frites in the other 10%. You’ve got to live a little after all, plus being the big believer I am in the economics principle of diminishing marginal utility, I can enjoy that pack of Oreos a lot more now that it’s not an every day staple nor one I deprive myself of.

How have your eating habits changed throughout your life?

What’s a secret you’re willing to share?


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