Switch a Fail

Yesterday was a day of consistent fails:

  • Fail: Amalia woke up early, took three buses, and spent over an hour at a coffee shop waiting to meet someone with a swollen ego for an informational interview- and he never showed up (for the second time).
  •  Success: Instead, she met some personable artist dude who proceeded to invite her (and thus us) to his art show next week as aPortland networking opportunity.
  • Fail: Anne woke up early to drive her little Bug all the way to the parking-scarce Pearl District for a pre-scheduled apartment showing. And guess what, the person never showed up, nor e-mailed, nor called. Customer lost.
  • Success: She instead headed to Nordstrom to meet us where Nordstrom replaced her Chanel sunglasses for free (the C’s fell off the side…all I can say to that is Qu’est-ce-que le hell, Chanel?)
  • Fail: We all lingered around the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, and we all found absolutely nothing of potential buying interest.
  • Success: I saved anywhere from $20-$200
  • Fail: A day which began sunny resulted in a torrential flood-resembling downpour…right as we were walking outside of course and far from shelter
  • Success: I got to go to H&M and pick up a super Dolce-esque leopard print umbrella (did I seriously have to wait until summer to finally purchase one?!)
  • Fail: Amalia and I accompanied Anne to a Pearl District salon for a hair extensions consultation- the cost? $1,600. (Things you can buy with $1,600: A Chanel purse, three months of my current share of the rent, a roundtrip on Emirates to India, thirty-two Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop cases, 200 Tamarind Whiskey Sours, 40 Mani-Pedis, 1,600 packets of Trader Joe’s cumin-chili chickpeas)
  • Success: It was a funny experience- and they had nicely scented hand lotion in the restroom at the salon.
  • Fail: I developed an unexplainable urge to faint slash migraine slash standing up and feeling like I was going to fall over and have the temples in my head explode. 
  • Success: Amalia happened to have an old Thai tylenol pill in her purse which I combined with copious amounts of ice water to reduce the visibility of my wrist veins (gross) and somewhat remedy the dehydration-situation. 
  • Fail: We drove over twenty minutes to SE 50th and Division in search of the Fondue Food Cart for our much anticipated food cart adventure…and got there to find the Cart Lot deserted except for a measly Gordita cart or something something
  • Success: Instead we headed to Hawthorne and 47th ad got some delightfully satisfying grub at Taqueria Por Que No– fast service, fresh food, and hey it was happy hour so we got 50 cents off each taco!
Anne: Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla (x2). “ALL I’VE HAD IS A LARABAR TODAY!” (and a 6oz Skinnidip with Coconut)
Amalia: Chips & Guacamole, 2 Carne Asada tacos
Me: Simple Salad (avocado, mixed greens, cotija cheese, pumpkin seeds, tomato), pickled veggies, serrano salsa, two tacos (Camarones with pineapple; spiced chicken). Absolutely delicious, fresh, and light. Being from San Francisco I am quite discriminating when it comes to good Mexican food- but this has by far been the favorite of Portland so far, much due to the fresh and locally sourced ingredients. They even had a neat little hot sauce/salsa bar in the back of the restaurant (which obviously was muy overwhelming for me and my obsession with condiments of the mouth-burning variety) #WIN
Here’s to hoping today is a day in which the successes come easier!

¿Por Qué No? on Urbanspoon

How do you turn your fails into successes?
What’s your favourite Mexican food?

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