These cucumbers are divas

Signs of summer:

The DIVA cucumbers are out…amongst several other varieties

Baby artichokes! And the sun reflecting on them?

Ahhhhh fresh farmer’s market bunches of herbs! Absolute food nerd-gasm.

Time to bust out the Escada summer scents and don COH cut-offs

The forecast in Portland looking something like this: An endless streak of rain and nastiness punctuated with a random day of 82 degrees and sunshine


4 thoughts on “These cucumbers are divas

  1. sarah! it rained here too today =( sad. doesnt feel like summer at alllll!!! and californias supposed to have good weather.

    um that intelligentsia coffee in the post below is makin me jeeaaalzzz. i wanna visit portland sometime! and go on a coffee crawl =)

    1. You should! Portland is amazing and full of great coffee! Yeah, I’m heading home to the bay area this weekend…it better be sunny or else someone is gonna be pretty disappointed :/

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