Sara-isms: Words from the Wise

Yesterday, I was sitting at a red left turn signal pondering life as usual when I came up with a perfect little quote, a Sara-ism, if you will. The meaning is certainly cliche and can be roughly categorized into the “Seize the Day!/Carpe Diem” repertoire, however with a tad more specificity.

Of course, being the responsible driver I am I repeated the quote in my head several times until I reached the parking lot of Arabian Nights in which I of course Facebooked that bizzzz and all the little “LIKE” notifications started trickling in not too long after.

Qu’est-ce-que le profound quote, you ask?

“Always dress as if you’re going to run into the Sartorialist, always eat as if you’re going to die tomorrow.”

And with the eating part, I don’t mean gorge yourself until you cannot breathe, but make sure everything you are eating is absolutely delicious and provides you with the utmost degree of edible pleasure.

Yesterday was fascinating, I made myself pancakes for breakfast, in which I chopped some medjool dates into the batter:

With Fage, berries, and maple syrup…

For lunch, I met up with Anne and Amalia to introduce them to my very favourite restaurant in all of Oregon, Arabian Nights (which you should follow on Twitter or LIKE on Facebook)

Since my ghetto coffee-making method at home (using paper towels as filters) kind of faltered this morning (only half the normal amount of java juice came out), Anne and I started with a strong dose of Turkish Coffee:

And for an appetizer we split the addictive hummus plate with hot pillows of pita:

Oh mon Dieuuuuu

And since I had b-fast only a couple of hours before, I wasn’t starving so I just ordered a side order of Shish Tawouk to dunk in the hummus- Anne however ordered the full Shish Tawouk plate:

And Amalia, the Kafta Kabob Platter:

SO MUCH FOOD- for only $10.99, not only scrumptious but decently priced…

No, but in all seriousness if there is one restaurant you should eat at in the Portland area, it’s Arabian Nights– it’s a tad hard to find being tucked into this little strip mall in Lake Oswego, but it’s usually those random hole in the wall types of places which have the best ethnic grub

Arabian Nights on Urbanspoon


In the spirit of fulfilling my newfound Sara-ism, we decided to complete our lunch at Peachwave frozen yogurt…Anne is what I would call a fro-yo artist:

One side: Tart with coconut shavings and berries, the other Cupcake with sprinkles. Yup.

So, let’s keep a tally on how I’ve abided by my newfound philosophy:

Breakfast- Date pancakes w/ Fage, berries, maple syrup

Lunch- Turkish coffee, hummus & pita, chicken kabob, frozen yogurt

Outfit- Cheap Monday skinnies, cheap monday graffiti print scarf, Filippa K t-shirt, Corso Como flats, Jimmy Choo purse (TOTALLY reppin’ Swedish street style)


I headed home, did some major cleaning, then threw a party…or a gathering rather

Now now, don’t go thinking I threw a college party- but rather a little soiree, a gathering in which I chopped up my farmer’s market kale and whipped up (or baked up) a batch of roasted kale chips and eggplant hummus for all my wonderful friends to indulge in. There was also Spanish, Chilean, and Oregonian vino, intense conversations about prior Economics professors, entrepreneurial aspirations, and how much David can bench press.


After everyone left I sat in bed tweeting with a bowl of Barbara’s cinnamon puffins and kefir, in my D&G pajamas of course…I mean really, you never know if the Sartorialist may show up while you’re SLEEPING!

Do you have a life motto/philosophy?

What would your perfect day of meals look like? 


One thought on “Sara-isms: Words from the Wise

  1. I can’t really imagine a “perfect” day of meals…I mean, it would get so tiring thus no longer be perfect. Plus, I get different cravings each day.

    I like that quote you shared. Mine would be to slow down and enjoy life. 🙂

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