I have a cake problem…

In anticipation of my Oregon departure, I headed to Upper Crust Bread Bakery yesterday afternoon and purchased over $30 worth of cake loaves to take home with me: Orange Cranberry (1), Lemon Poppyseed Cake (2), Blueberry Crumble (2), and Double Chocolate (2). Best part is that they were freshly baked…so I suppose this is the time to confess that I haven’t had any meat or vegetables in at least 48 hours considering that I had chocolate cake and Fage for lunch and Lemon Poppyseed cake and Fage for dinner. I mean come on, there is only so long a cake loaf is hot and fresh for…

Upper Crust Bread Company on Urbanspoon

…I also headed over to New Seasons to stock up on my other fave Carbies to take home to the mama:

Dave’s Killer Bread: The SIN DAWG- this is basically a super whole-grainy cinnamon roll and it is the best thing you will ever chew, and if you aren’t already will turn you into a carbophile galore

And a new loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains…Funny story, I forgot to lock the screen on my touch screen Blackberry yesterday and somehow my phone accidentally texted Anne this picture 17 times…about an hour later upon checking my phone I found all these texts, “WHY ARE YOU SENDING ME PICTURES OF BREAD?!” “YOU KEEP SENDING ME PICTURES OF BREAD?!”

I started laughing like a crazy woman when I saw this en route to my car in the Powell’s Parking Garage- I mean it’s absolutely hilarious, the whole situation was hilarious…I’m just glad it was a) Anne and that b) It was pictures of bread (but naturally all the photos on my Blackberry are of food…I once accidentally sent my dad a close up of a chicken teriyaki plate)

And continuing on the classy carbohydrate trend, the other night Anne, Amalia, and I made pizza at Amalia’s apartment and had a pizza e vino mini dinner party on her new dining room table:

My pizza: Crust, mozz, parmigiano reggiano, basil, tomatoes, lemon grilled chicken. Bombbbbb dude…polished the whole thing as well as some of Amalia’s weirdly flavored strawberries for dessert

Amalia: Olives and pepperoni

Anne: Basil, tomatoes, and beaucoup de fromage

Successful, it was. Man, I love being old enough to have apartments and throw classy little soirees where we make stuff like pizzas, mini pies, and kale chips…I can’t wait to move into a new place when I (probably) get back to Portland.

What’s your favorite type of bread?


4 thoughts on “I have a cake problem…

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it. I just about died at your bread texting story. I’ve come so close to accidentally sending pictures of food like 1000 times!

  2. Nothing wrong with chocolate cake for lunch! Plus you had yogurt with it, that sounds pretty balanced to me. But then again, you probably don’t see some of the junk that I eat. 🙂

  3. oh my lordy bread!! i love bread! i would loved if you texted me pictures of bread. hahah. i love a hearty dense oat bread – toasted, with butter and jam!!! so good. i also like banana bread =)

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