Lenny Kravitz grabbed my hand…

…at a U2 concert.

Allow me to back track a bit-

My Tuesday in a nutshell: Woke up, had some coffee, skyped, had a sandwich, had some fro-yo, got a mani-pedi, drove to San Francisco, took the BART (Bay area public transit) for the first time, went to a U2 concert, got my hand grabbed by Lenny Kravitz, pulled a muscle in my jaw from yawning too hard, saw U2 perform, took BART again, drove home.

How was your Tuesday?


Mi madre and I went out for lunch at Dish Mill Valley, a local favorite amongst the pilates-obsessed Lululemon-clad salad-munching Porsche-SUV drivin’ Mill Valley mamas (I would have used another abbreviated terminology, but this blog is on my Resume as of a few weeks ago.)

However, we did not have salads:

Mama: Tuna Melt with tuna salad, manchego, salad greens & pomme frites

Me: Mediterranean Sandwich with grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, pesto, mozzarella avec salad greens. Pretty legit. I like paninis.

Dish on Urbanspoon

Après, we conveniently jaunted next door to Yolo, a posh lil Mill Valley fro-yo shop with delightful flavors (think Green Apple Organic Tart or Ghirardelli chocolate…très Mill Valley). Then, post frozen treat, my mama insisted on us getting a mani-pedi at her favorite little Nail Spa. And who am I to say no to a massaging chair and someone improving the aesthetic appeal of my feet?

I had to bizzounce like a bullet soon after my cuticles dried since I was driving into San Francisco to meet my father for us to take the BART (Bay Area something transit…basically an underground metro or whatnot that connects the entire bay area except for Marin County…which explains why I have never taken it before) to the Oakland Coliseum for a U2 concert.

A U2 concert? Say whaaaaaa?

So, the thing about U2 and I is that I know about four U2 songs and I own a ONE t-shirt from Bono’s EDUN clothing line which I picked up at Nordstrom several years back. However, for my father’s fiftieth birthday, my Uncle purchased him two VIP tickets to the U2 360 tour and both my mother and sister declined to go…which left me.

VIP wrist band- on a side note, like my manicure? On another side note, I really don’t understand why the wrist band is lavender in hue when we are clearly in the (RED) zone

What is the (RED) Zone? Right hurrrr…

The frontish…and that’s Lenny Kravitz in the vague distance

Lenny Kravitz runnin’ past us…he’s such a petit little ball of energy- I mean seriously the dude is tiny, he’s like my size! But ever-so-fashionable and knows how to rock (plus I’m a HUGE fan of his daughter, Zoe)

Lenny Kravitz, right before he grabbed my hand…he’s behind this roadie dude walking towards us…

…Then U2 came on; but only after nine million centuries and after I had pulled a muscle in my jaw from yawning so hard (I admit I probably would have had a better time if I were not so hungry, tired, and cold for the duration of the six hours we were standing there). I was so hungry that the normally impossible concept of purchasing a Churro “Pastry Stix” crossed my mind, and I was so cold that I was donning both my leather jacket and my fathers and still jumping up and down and yawning into my hands. I WAS EVEN WEARING PANTS! And still frigid as a Serbian popsicle.

We got pretty close to Bono, Edge, and the other U2 dudes though:

Yeah the quality of the pics kind of le suck…but that’s what you get when you’re trying to shoot snaps of rockstars that run around like flying Skittles with a minimally janky Blackberry touch screen cam. 

It was a random, yet good time…what followed was a claustrophobia-inducing herd of thousands of peepaleeps crowding into the BART station, a BART trip back to downtown San Francisco, a drive home, and an awesome 2am silent snack with the pops (Me: 3 chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bars with Fage & blackberries, him: A Boudin sourdough roll with cheese and a very noisy mama-awakening container of turkey.)

Been to any concerts recently?
Had your hand grabbed by any rockstars?
Favorite SANDWICH? 


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