This cap is SO unflattering

I didn’t say that, my sister, Nora did…well I said that too last month prior to my college graduation and four years ago at my high school graduation.

Now she knows, it really is.

Last night was Nora’s high school graduation

Outfit-wise I decided to go the classy, successful career woman route (partially to demonstrate to SOME selected faculty members in attendance that contrary to their doubts of me when I was a tenth grade student I did turn out ok *cough* a certain conceited world history teacher who didn’t even know what the oil embargo was/argued with me over the capital of Switzerland (which I was correct about) *uncough*) Alors, I wore a très classy silver cocktail shift dress, blazer, pearls, nude patent heels, and the obligatory Burberry tote, Chanel Sunglasses, and Yves Saint Laurent pout (and scent). There will be a photo demonstrating this Jackie Onassis ensemble once I find access to my parent’s camera.

Nora on the other hand decided to go with a black Free People dress and customised Keds under her gown:

CONGRATULATIONS lil mamaaaaa…and don’t get mad at me for posting this pic, because your face isn’t visible anyways.

Such a lil badass, she is.

Après, we all went out to Robata Grill as a celebratory dinnnn (I also feel obligated to mention that the last time I was here Lars Ulrich of Metallica held the door open for me, then talked about Finland with my dad):

Steamed shrimp dumplings

Me: Poki Salad with tuna sashimi, tobiko, and a shrimp chip


Saigon Roll (Spicy Tuna)

Nora: Salmon sashimi and…

Marin Roll: With fresh snow crab, avocado, and assorted sashimi

Abdelhak (our family friend): yellowtail & scallion roll and Saigon roll

Daddy: 49-er Roll (Salmon, lemon, avocado, tobiko) and Tuna Roll

Mama (not a fan of raw fish): Vegetarian Dinner with tofu, potato croquettes, coleslaw, and grilled veggies

Robata Grill & Sushi on Urbanspoon

Good meal avec la famille- especially Nora who became excessively wealthier as she opened envelope after envelope containing cheque after cheque…looks like you can afford that Marc Jacobs (or EVEN CHLOE) satchel you’ve been eye-ing. Love ya sis and congratulations on completing phase three of following in Sara’s footsteps!

Do you like raw fish? 

What’s the best graduation present you’ve ever received?


3 thoughts on “This cap is SO unflattering

  1. Ha, I had my graduation ball last night- but the ceremony isn’t til July, so I’ll have time to work out the most flattering way to wear my cap. Always good to have a heads up on a potential fashion crisis!

  2. Hey there – great post!
    I LOVE raw fish – mostly rolls, not sashimi. I have actually made my own on a vacation in Panama with a yellowfin tuna we caught that day! Yummy!

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