San Francisco: Andalu

I believe I mentioned in a prior post that when I come home to Marin, I tend to have a much less bustling social life and trendy happy hour schedule. However, considering this time I am only home for a week, I have managed to be busy enough to have to retweet clever diatribes from those I follow via Blackberry and to have to forego my regular “funemployment” schedule from Portland (meaning sleeping as late as I want and then taking five hours to rise/blowdry/exfoliate/outfit-test). Now, it basically means I have to put on one outfit and just hope it isn’t a fail…

…it’s good practice though for my career power-woman paparazzi-escaping future.

Anyhow, last night I managed to meet up with two of the most beautiful women I know, two ladies who I try to ALWAYS make a point of seeing when I hit the Bay (unfortunately the third, Adrienne was not there so I did not get to see her lovely lil visage this time). Bethany, Liz, Adrienne, and I all met by fate two years ago and have managed to keep in touch and get together each time at least two of us are in the vicinity. Bethany is a hot, ridiculously fun, fashionable, and down to earth about-to-be-famous San Francisco lady with a fiery mane of curls and the most gorgeous eyelashes humanely possible. Liz is a sexy stylish Belvedere-bred siren who can crack a wit-infused joke and rant about hipster culture with me like NO OTHER. In other words, I ADORE spending time with these women and LOVE them even more

Last night, Liz and I hit up the Upper Haight in San Francisco to fetch Bethany from her trendy-mama apartment (with a bed to die for) and we headed to a chic tapas jaunt, Andalu in the Mission district (which is a very very much hipster-laden part of SF if I may add) for some small plates and good times:

Rocket, fromage, beet salad with a light, delectable dressing

Ahi Tuna tartare mini tacos with mango salsa: Delicious

Gremolata Fries

Beef Carpaccio with capers, aioli, grana, wild mushroom

Shrimp Pil-Pil with a garlic/red pepper/lemon juice/AMAZING sauce & grilled bread (x3…we each got one)

The food was incredible, I’m a huge fan of tapas/small plates/shared meals- it definitely brings more variety and a non-binding opportunity to try something you normally wouldn’t. ABSOLUTELY coming back to Andalu in the near future.

Andalu on Urbanspoon

It was also such a treat to spend time dishing, laughing, and catching up with these two beautiful ladies who I am so grateful to have in my life.

Do you prefer your own dish/meal or sharing dishes with your dining companions?

Favorite places to eat in San Francisco?


2 thoughts on “San Francisco: Andalu

  1. That sounds like such a fun night! Nights like that reconnecting with good girlfriends are one of my absolute favorite ways to spend time. I generally prefer ordering food for myself, since I have pretty different eating habits than the people I usually eat with, but if I’m eating Indian/Chinese/Greek or other ethnic food where I want to try different things, then I like sharing!

  2. i’m a huuuuge fan of tapas too! its such a fun way to try lots of different things and keep that variety going! variety is the spice of life no? haha anyways have a fun weekend lady!!

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