Play the Part: Audrey Hepburn

Friday was an Audrey Hepburn day for me; as in a day in which I channeled the icon-ess of eternal elegance in how she would go about her day if she were still around, aged in her early twenties, and a resident of southern Marin

I sound ridiculous, I am aware.

However, this “channeling” if you will was completely unintentional. It was only towards the onset of the evening as I was fastening a pair of freshwater pearls into my earlobes and spritzing my pulse points with Givenchy L’Interdit in preparation for my classy bevandes & dîner alongside Hallie in downtown Mill Valley (oh look that rhymes!) did I realize that my whereabouts and musings of the day were quite Audrey-esque in nature.

For instance, I spent the afternoon running a few errands with the sister in downtown San Francisco:

There is something joyous and euphoric infused in the ribbons of shopping bags from Tiffany & Co or Chanel- even when neither contains contents meant for you (I was running errands after all…the Chanel containing a major stock-up of the rare and elegant Chanel Gardenia fragrance)

As for the Saks bag…it contains a Christian Dior face wash with iris extract.

I know, I’m thinking the same thing: Qu’est-ce-que le hell, who needs a DIOR face wash?

I fully admit and am cognizant that I fell for one of those “Let me do your make-up for free” sales techniques while I was feeling self-conscious about the state of my skin and was left in that obligatory position of making a purchase, and I thought “what the hell,” since the truth is the last thing I purchased for myself was a Chambray shirt at H&M for $24.90 over three weeks ago…

…I would have purchased the Dior airbrush foundation if it were not $60 and if I were not about to embark on a duty-free shopping filled airport adventure. It’s actually CRAZY how good and subtle it looked and felt when the mademoiselle applied it- I admit I know very little about make-up technique and as a result don’t even wear/own foundation or concealer. Oh well, Nora also got sucked in and paid $30 for some so-called limited edition DiorShow mascara.


En route back to Marin, I suppose I did something a little un-Audrey-esque: Jaunted over to Safeway to pick up the following ingredients: 2 bottles of Sriracha sauce, one large packet of frozen Stouffers Mac n Cheese, two packs of Trident Layers. Once again, the only thing for me was the Trident Layers but that did not stop Mr. Surfer dude buying really cheap hamburger ingredients (think sketchy corn-fed 75/25 ground beef and generic brand white wonder buns) from commenting on my purchases and inquiring on whether I plan on eating the sriracha with the mac n cheese. NONE OF YO BUSINESS. I told him yes though, that is exactly why I am buying an incredibly disproportionate 214 servings of sauce to 2.5 of mac n cheese. (Well I didn’t rant on that long…I pretended to be very immersed in a LinkedIn discussion e-mail on my Blackberry).

ANYHOW, back as Audrey:

Admittedly, donned the same cocktail dress as I did for Nora’s graduation (silver high neckline shift) with a pair of black patent pumps, black pashmina, Burberry tote, Chanel sunglasses, pearls, and yes…Givenchy.

Hallie, who I am sure you remember if you’ve been following this blog long enough is from Petaluma, which is around 25 minutes north of Mill Valley (my town) and drove down to see me in cougar-central for an evening of restaurant hopping.

We FIRST tried to get into the ever popular Bungalow 44 sans reservation (fail), then at Tyler Florence and Sammy Hagar’s new restaurant, El Paseo (which has ridiculously attractive front of house staff and chefs)- but would have had to be wait-listed for that too, so finally just grabbed seats over at Vasco– an upscale and popular Italian haunt.

Hallie, always being tempted by meat and mushroom went with the delectable skirt steak over wild mushroom risotto and balsamic reduction:

After much debate between the countless sumptious-sounding menu items, I decided on the Insalate di Arugula with cannelini beans, shaved fennel, roasted red peppers, pecorino cheese, wood fired chicken, and an olive oil based vinaigrette:

It was amazing. And probably something Audrey may have selected if presented with the same menu. The cannelini beans were creamy and freshly soaked, the pecorino pungent, and the chicken full of tender char and flavor.

Vasco on Urbanspoon

Apres le diner, we headed back to Bungalow 44 for a dose of the authentic Mill Valley experience and some good conversation.

Besides the usual dose of reminiscing about India, Portland, college, discussing career aspirations, and catching up on the past month’s events we had an enjoyable time playing our true roles as posh and ripe young power women promising one another that we would never end up being like the plethora of intoxicated, botoxed “cougars” preying persistently on unsuspecting male patrons trying to watch the Giants game and guzzle their whiskey sours. Oh dear. Something a liberal arts education has given me is an intense need to observe and psycho-analyze various cultural contexts (whether truck stops or Mill Valley restaurant scenes).

Who is one of your favorite classic fashion icons? 

Do you make conversation with people you don’t know or tend to be to yourself?


4 thoughts on “Play the Part: Audrey Hepburn

  1. Sara!! I just bought that Dior foundation yesterday!! along with 2 brushes and some blush! hahaha i loved it after they did my make up for free at nords!

  2. emphasis on the seriously attractive chefs at El Paseo. i think we have to go back there so I can fulfill my 10 year plan as established at the airport in Darjeeling, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Audrey Hepburn is truly an icon…I love her. And I think you channel her quite well Sara!

    I am obsessed with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. I think, had her life not been unexpectedly shortened, she would have made a similar impact on this world. I loves her style and her presence!

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