INDIA: Simple

I adore Indian food! Authentic and multi-dimensional Indian cuisine whether it’s the coconut-accented curries and chutneys of the south, fiery Kashmiri dishes, or the sharp coal char of a tandoori murgh tikka kabob.

Most of all however, I adore the simplest of Indian foods, which also happens to be the healthiest and lightest and most frequently overlooked and replaced with the rich, ghee, cream, and oil-heavy gravies and grains.

An example? The chapati (also known as roti or fulka)- a simple flat bread made of nothing more than whole wheat flour a tinge of salt, and water- tissue thin and a delicious accompaniment to any subji, masala, or kabob. In American Indian restaurants, there is barely EVER the simple chapati listed on the menu and instead people are led to thinking that dense hunks of naan often accented with garlic or cheese are the norm.

Yesterday, I ate completely vegetarian, yet a satisfying three meals of Indian fare- simple, yet tasty:

Breakfast always starts out with one of these babies:

Yum…can’t reiterate how much I’m going to miss the mangos when I go home, now that I have finally learned how to eat the various varieties without making too much of a juicy mess

Followed by some protein, carb, and spice:

Egg, chapati, sriracha

Normally I have two eggs, but in this instance I was recovering from a randomly sourced vomiting episode from the night before so I was taking it easy. No biggie though, probably just accidentally swallowed water in the shower or something.

For lunch, Naz’s mom made me one of my FAVOURITE South Indian meals- Dosa with coconut chutney! This particular dosa was made of rava- a mix of five parts lentil and one part rice ground into a paste/batter and then cooked like a thin crispy savoury pancake- to make it even more delicious she added some cashews and dried fruits into the batter:

As flat

As folded…I had three of these humongous babies dipped with LOTS of fresh, slightly crunchy coconut chutney flavoured with green chillis, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and other signature South Indian spices:

Such a simple meal, but something I can eat FOREVER

Dinner is unpictured, but Naz’s mom made me a delightful spread of spicy moong dahl (kind of like a flavourful lentil soup), baignan bharta (an aubergine subji with chillis), a green tomato subji, channa raita (chickpea yoghurt), and of course chapatis.

Barely even missed the meat…well, I know lunch today contains my beloved chicken so it’s all good in the hood 🙂

What’s your favourite type of Indian food? Do you have a preference for the popular and rich Mughlai dishes (Butter/Makhni chicken, dahl makhni, biryani, etc) or other regional fare such as the typically South Indian dosa/uttapam/idli sambar or perhaps the Tibetan-influenced soups and momos of the Northeast?


One thought on “INDIA: Simple

  1. no wonder they’re so thin, they eat SIMPLE. the north american diet is complicated with all these chemicals and fat and sugar and whatnot, it’s gross.

    i love your breakfast btw, making me crave mangoes!!

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