INDIA: Best of Bombay Dine & Sip

No longer am I in the bustling beast of a metropolis city of Bombay. And although it was a mere eighteen days I spent in this city, I still feel a compulsion to make a “Best of Bombay” list in terms of my favourite places to lounge at for a bite or a sip. Besides, I know that my lovely Bombay-native hosts took me to THEIR favourite places which provides a degree of legitimacy to this list, which I hope can help anyone with the intention of visiting the City of Dreams:


1. Kebabs & Kurries (see the blog post for more info)

Location: ITC Grand Central Sheraton (in Lower Parel)

Food: The best of Mughlai cuisine- scrumptious melt-in-your-mouth tandoori kebabs and breads, aromatic and multi-dimensionally flavoured curries, and plenty of other North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Also famous for having the Bukhara Dal which is simmered overnight.

Drink: Innovative and beautiful cocktails as well as non-alcoholic beverages

What we ordered: Paneer tikka, Tandoori chicken breasts marinated in cream cheese & spices, Tandoori chicken drumsticks, Tandoori lamb kebabs, Jumbo prawns stuffed with cumin-scented potato/lentil mixture, roomali roti, garlic butter naan, naan with dried herbs, Dal Bukhara, Apple Mojito (for Gitanjali), Chin Chin cocktail (for Naz)

Price: Depends on how much you order, but expect around Rs 1,800 (around $40) + per person

2. Copper Chimney

Location(s): Several throughout Bombay including Worli, Lower Parel, Fort, Juhu, and Bandra West (when I ate it though we got it delivered)

Food: North Indian. Absolutely delicious fare- exquisite tandoori kebabs, Chello Kebab (a sort of curd rice with kebabs in it), superb black Dahl, and the best butter chicken outside Delhi.

What we ordered: Murgh tikka kabob (chicken kabobs), Chicken tikka kabobs (the red one), Chello kebab, Chicken Makhni (butter chicken), Dahl Makhni (black dahl)

Price: Not entirely sure, though I would estimate around Rs 600 per person ($13)

3. Suzette

Location: In the Atlanta office building in Nariman Point, it’s a little tiny restaurant and you have to walk around the corner to the back of the building to see it.

Food: French savory & sweet crepes and salads. This teensy chic and charming mini eatery opened just under two months ago by two Frenchmen and already has a constant queue out the door for a coveted seat at one of it’s little wooden tables. The ambiance makes you feel like you are indeed in Paris and the food is healthy, delicious, and you won’t have to worry about feeling ill even if you order a salad. When I went with Delnaz (Naz’s sister) and her mum we ordered EIGHT crepes amongst the three of us (and ate them all). All the savory ones are made with buckwheat flour which is a definite plus.

What we ordered: 2x La Mediteranee savory crepe (includes grilled chicken, mozzarella, olive tapenade, fresh tomatoes), Nord crepe (smoked salmon, fresh cream, lemon, dill), Foret Crepe (Emmenthal, creamed spinach, and forest mushrooms), 2x Nutella Banana crepe (PHENOMENAL!), Crepe with peach compote filling, 1 pineapple mint juice, 1 ginger-carrot-apple juice

Price: Crepes range from Rs 200-320 each

4. Thai Pavilion

Location: Taj President Hotel in Cuffe Parade

Food: Delicious Thai food- the ambiance is great and the cuisine world class (with a huge menu).

Drink: Delicious cocktails- amongst us we had the pomegranate martini and pineapple-coconut mojito

What we ordered: Raw mango & water chestnut salad, marinated chicken satay, sea bass with tamarind sauce, water chestnuts in coconut milk dessert

Price: Approximately Rs 1,500 per person

5. India Jones

Location: The Trident Hotel (connected to the Oberoi) at Nariman Point

Food: Upscale Pan-Asian cuisine- delicious dim-sum selections and a humongous menu (as is usual in restaurants in India)

What we ordered: Forgive me for not remembering- but several vegetarian dim-sum selections, barbecued paneer, and a chicken dish with chillies.

Price: Approximately Rs 1,800+ per person

Noteworthy Mentions:

  • Leopold Cafe: Colaba
  • Fenix: Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point- come for the free-flowing Moet & Chandon Sunday brunch for Rs 3,200
  • Souk: Taj Mahal Palace & Towers- extremely mediocre  yet severely overpriced “Lebanese” cuisine (which both Delnaz and I got sick from)
  • Indigo Deli: Lower Parel (at Palladium shopping centre) and Colaba. The service is atrocious and the food rather mediocre
Also: There are many other eateries I didn’t try during my stint in Bombay, however Nazneen and her friends (who are all chic Mumbaikars) also recommend-
  • Tote on Turf (at Mahalaxmi Race Course)
  • Moshe’s
  • Frangipanni (at the Trident Hotel Nariman Point)
  • Swati Snacks
  • Brittania (for authentic Parsee food)
Location: Taj President Hotel in Cuffe Parade
Ambiance: Trendy and dim lounge ambiance, decent music, very hip and stylish Bombay crowd
Menu: Delicious and innovative cocktails (such as rosemary or wasabi martinis), pretty good Asian-fusion appetizers
Price: Drinks start at around Rs 650 (and appetizers are around the same price)
Sketchy grainy photo (the lighting at Wink is far too dim for food photography): But those are the souvlaki chicken skewers with garlic mint tzatziki
2. Dome
Location: Inter Continental Hotel on Marine Drive
Ambiance: A rooftop terrace overlooking the Bombay coast and skyline (either covered or uncovered depending on monsoon season). Very chic white lounge furniture, pumping music, frequented by the young socialites of Bombay.
Menu: Extensive food menu (with some delicious offerings), delicious drinks (highly recommend the Caprioska!)
Price: Rs 550 + for drinks
Location: Lower Parel (next to Hard Rock Cafe)
Ambiance: Pan-Asian style restaurant and bar/lounge that extends over two floors. Dim and very popular and crowded on weekends- however you’ll find a lot of aunties and uncles here having a night on the town
Menu: Sushi and other Pan-Asian dishes, innovative and fruity cocktails
Price: Rs 500 + per cocktail


4 thoughts on “INDIA: Best of Bombay Dine & Sip

  1. Woah I am so glad I discovered your blog 😀 I’m going to India in October and your posts about being there are so awesome!

  2. Omg after your last comment on my blog, I had to come back and look for this post! I love seeing Indian restaurants/bars in the blogosphere- normally I’m so out of it with the American joints! I loved all your reviews, agree with them all! However I really want you to give Indigo Deli a 2nd chance- it’s one of my favorites here and I can guarantee the bad service was a one-off…love love their food! And when u do come back (ha notice the optimism), you have to try Vetro (it’s opposite the lobby of Fenix)!- fine dining Italian and always a good time!

  3. The Bandra Suzette is a far cry from what you described, given their food is good but their service is terrible in Bandra- let me enlighten you:

    So, it was four of us girls and we had first called for a watermelon mint and peach & grape smozzies (season for peaches). The drinks came at the same time and the watermelon mint juice was brownish in colour and tasted watery and sour, as if it had gone bad. The peach and grape was extraordinarily sour and tasted of seeds and nothingness. We called the waiter and returned it- which apparently was an insult to the owners because two men walked out looking rather offended. They told us that they tasted the drink and they liked it- (Excuse me, I didn;t realize you were serving yourself and that you were the customers) There was a lot of back and forth basically a French ‘pompous’ man trying to teach us what smoothies/ juices taste like. Then the other friend of mine and me decided to try the Iced tea, one of the owners came out and said I’m not sure if you will like it but try a little bit in a glass first and decide, which was very nice of him. The second man came out again and told us that we would not like the Iced tea as it was very French and luxurious in the rudest possible tone- (Excuse me- did not know you owned our taste buds)
    After all of this, he still came back and was very condescending telling us that we shouldn’t be mad and that he is not making us pay for it. Firstly if you want to run a business in India, please do not insult Indians by telling us “its french and luxurious and you won’t like it, just because you fail to make a basic smoothie and watermelon juice” and secondly if you want to run a restaurant anywhere in the world-LEARN HOSPITALITY first!! Even thought this was a bad experience after so many good ones- I will not encourage people to go in here, simply because the owners do not know how to treat their customers. And if the owners are reading this, yes you guys are very racists and hopefully sooner then never you guys learn that you are in India, learn to treat US with respect. Antonia and her team need a lesson or two on hospitality!

    1. I am very sorry for your experience; it is never pleasant to feel condescended upon, especially by a place you are providing your business with. I would like to mention however that this review is pertaining to Suzette Nariman Point and not the newer Bandra location.

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